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Could This Be How It Happened?


At 2:26 a.m. on March 11, 2011, I was awakened by a text message. There were several unusual circumstances at that moment. First of all, I do not usually watch television; a TV is not usually available, especially where I am sleeping. I was in a room over a thousand miles from home.

The message was brief; it said, “A tsunami is headed for Hawaii.”

I got out of bed and turned the television on. The news channel showed images of a tsunami hitting northern Japan.

The news channel I was watching shifted from repeating the brief images to  scientific predictions of what would follow the major earthquake and tsunami in the entire Pacific Ocean. The tsunami was moving at more than five hundred miles an hour, just under the speed of a cruising commercial jetliner. It was estimated some islands of the Pacific Ocean would be completely washed over. All of Hawaii was evacuated to high ground, leaving only cameras in the darkness of night to show the advent of the anticipated tsunami. Scientists predicted the angle at which the tsunami would hit Hawaii; it was expected to curl around and impact different parts of the islands in different ways. Scientists were quite certain the entire western coastlines of North and South America would be devastated. The outlook for San Diego’s bay and Coronado Island (Southern California, USA) was terrifying.

After turning off the television, I lay there on the bed thinking about what I had just seen and what was expected to happen. I thought about what I had written just two days before. I am a practitioner of dowsing as well as a student of energy healing (along with other forms of alternative healing). I was coming to understand quantum physics in deeply powerful ways. I thought about how I had written about dealing with another manifestation of energy; the energy of a shock wave being carried through water was a similar state of unusual energy.

I knew something must be done, and I struggled for about an hour with all of the conditioning and internal programming that says that I am small and inadequate and unable and, therefore, relegated to being a victim of the forces of nature.

Yet I knew this was not true

As I lay there, I realized I had written information that, without practice, the words were nothing but theorizing. I also knew that I was being called upon to do something that all the conditioning, programming, and beliefs of my life argued against. I did not know I could, and I did not know I could not, but there would be no answer to the question of whether I could if I did not step into the role I was being pressed into. I needed to do what I knew.

With the tsunami’s wave traveling at over 500 MPH, I had no idea if islands had already been washed over, nor did I know how many islands were in jeopardy. There was not time to procrastinate or think about it further. I would not be able to live with myself if I did not act with everything I knew possible.

There were no spells or incantations. There were no ceremonies or rituals. I had no dowsing tools with me. I had no prayers or remembered lists of celebrity angels to call in. All I had was what I knew. I had delayed enough. It was time to act.

So in the darkness of a windowless room in Nashville, Tennessee, USA with the entire Pacific being dark and an enormous wave of energy pushing toward coastlines in its path, I applied what I know to make the energy of that enormous tsunami relax and dissipate.

After I did what I knew, I fell into a restful sleep.

The next morning we turned on a big screen television to a live feed of the arrival of the tsunami in Hawaii. The window of time this tsunami would arrive had been calculated. We watched in anticipation. I was unsure if what I had experienced in the night was nonsense or something significant. As I waited for the cameras to show the rising water, part of me wanted it all to happen just as the scientists predicted, so I could be free of dealing with what it might mean in my life if somehow the energy of that tsunami did relax and dissipate.

It is a matter of history now. The tsunami only hit Japan. There is absolutely no way of knowing for certain what happened to the energy of that tsunami. There is no final authority that can definitively tell what happened to its devastating power but this could be how it happened.

Excerpts from “The Gods Must Be Us, When Fiction Becomes a Miracle”



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