Doing Comes from Being–from Songbird Grandmother

Song Bird GrandMother

Song Bird GrandMother

Welcome to the new energies post a very powerful weekend of the equinox and super new moon, sweeping in new energies of light and all things revealing. Over the weekend in a sacred ceremony, I was reminded that the power of doing is in the being. So often in life we are taught that we have to “do” something, but we are not often taught that there is nothing to “do” until you can fully BE. When action is unclear, or we feel stuck in life, the answer isn’t in doing more, but it’s in being more. Everything is born from the unknown. The void as it is often called. It is where we as humans begin and end our earthly walk. Our mothers hold us in their womb for nine months as we evolve into physical bodies. Before birth we live in the space of the unknown, and yet, somehow as we grow older we forget the power of gestation. The ability to wait, be patient, and grow in the unknown is the power of being. When we act from this place of waiting, listening, and following, everything is clear. Unclarity comes from a place of wanting and doing, without fully waiting and listening. People who live from the heart, often look like crazy people. They are the ones who go left, to go right, to go left again. The heart travels in circles, spirals, twists, and turns. It has no destination, it is child-like in it’s wonder and joyful like a hummingbird.
When we live fully from our hearts, we open our energies to the power of attraction. Moving forward humanity is undergoing a shift from living from the mind to living from the heart. The heart is where love resides, and from this center, we attract everything we need and/or desire to live life here on this precious planet. Living from the heart requires strength, courage, vulnerability, and faith. It is the unwavering trust that what we truly desire is already within us. This is why the spiritual path is simply remembering who we are, fully knowing that the Universe supports all our needs as we evolve and grow into trusting our hearts. As we move forward into this powerful doorway of the light, it is more important now to connect to the stillness of the heart, and allow ourselves to be fully who we are. In the stillness of the heart, lay all the answers you seek. The action becomes clear when you allow your being to guide you to where it wants to go.This week my prayer for each of you is to BE fully who you are, live in joy, and from that space attract your truest heart’s desire.
Have a beautiful week in the light of your heart space!

Until we Meet again!
Song Bird Grand Mother


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