Dr. Dennis Clegg

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Dr. Dennis is in evolution from challenging beginnings through pathways of growing awareness & healing into the wonders of evolution in our present acceleration…post 2012. He knows life from the trenches and from his experiences blended with education “knows” of the challenges seekers come from and exudes confidence there is a way through and beyond.

Dr. Dennis’ repertoire of tools start with joining with seekers in co-creation and entraining together with seeker’s helpers to be a conduit for seekers to work with, assisted by techniques Dr. Dennis has learned, tried for himself, and he tailors with helpers for the seeker each time they are used. The seeker’s unique qualities always determine how Dr. Dennis crafts classes, groups, and sessions.

As a Doctor of Alternative Healing, Dr. Dennis has been transforming through a combination of coming to understand the gifts he came into life with that have been activating and living the freedom of exploration into modalities, gleaning the practical that can be applied here—now for transformation, all-the-while seeking to know the distilled essence from which all modalities of healing, whether ancient, modern research, or channeled have merit to heal.
Then reverse-engineering from the core essence of healing power, healing is readily accessible!

Dr. Dennis has preferred to think of his teachers and guru’s as resources…tools to access and utilize in self-empowered ways and as part of personal empowerment he loves to reinforce for seekers. He also wants seekers to access and use his resources for their empowered evolution.

Seeker’s desires expressed through inquiry and participation engages what Dr. Dennis offers. The adage “ask and it shall be opened to you, seek and you shall find” still is essential.

The following are hints at possibilities Dr. Dennis may have available for you:

Growing out of Dr. Dennis’ workshops and writing about personal empowerment in “Claim Your Power” are his current understandings of blockages to activating our personal power and equally powerful techniques for canceling energies we’ve continued to be troubled with that bring on states of “dis-ease” and powerlessness over issues we may believe we “have.” Through a combination of informing of more correct principles and using techniques to release the energy of and belief in “mis-informing,” you learn to heal yourself. Hypnosis, tapping techniques, touch with bio-energetics, activity with bio-energetics, and re-informing individually, in groups, or through classes are some of the resources Dr. Dennis has available for you.

Techniques for bringing greater balance to the energy patterns and circuits of our being brings improved well-being on many levels. Although only a licensed physician is permitted to diagnose and treat any disease, illness, or other infirmity, you may choose to explore techniques for information about yourself and to observe for yourself through experimenting with trying ancient and modern energy shifting techniques, whether you experience shifts in your biology or personal sense of well-being. Dr. Dennis has studied techniques of treatment from around the world, many of which are outside the scope of modern-day allopathic medicine which you may seek for your use.

We all have gifts and abilities that strengthen our place in the wholeness of existence. Some are very easy to understand, some are more mysterious. Intuitive healing is a gift much the same as a craftsman may take a piece of wood and carve it to release an image that was hidden in the wood the craftsman knew about because it is their gift to know of such things.
Intuitive healing often involves a level of knowing and surrender combined while just the right “something” mysteriously happens because the “healer” and “seeker” show up and entrain themselves for “that something” to happen that is known through a shift…an absence or new presence…in the condition for which intention was focused. While this will be present with any techniques, methods, and information used in sessions, it is amazing to experience the simple “laying on of hands” as energies come through that the being of the seeker has the wisdom to know just how to apply for transformation. Pre-education with its pieces of paper recognizing those who’ve met their requirements, for Dr. Dennis, was a mysterious gift that through touch and long-distance has meant a difference for seekers. Again you are the one empowered to ask for and participate in intuitive healing sessions.

On the empowered pathway, there are moments we realize we need outside resources to free us to move through and beyond “stuff.” This might be in the form of information or just moments of helping seekers access answers within. Precious moments with a fellow traveler who may have already passed by the mile-markers we’re muddling about in can be all we need. Friendship is the highest level of relating. Freedom is the highest level of love. Being a resource without fostering dependency, honoring seeker’s true empowered being is available through groups, classes, and individual sessions.

Dr. Dennis’ pet project is predictions. Starting at age 9 he first learned of and was terrified by doomsday predictions until he grew in his empowerment to check within for his own answer about the predictions that sometimes large numbers of people have bought in to and put a lot of energy into including time and money.
Dr. Dennis came into this life dreaming of and knowing future. For a time it was quite a delight to him as he made himself crazy about controlling future and began to realize he was unaware in the moment when in the passed and future what his mind was active about. Then he tried for years to stop this from being part of his being…without complete success.
So Dr. Dennis decided to really study the psychology of predictions hoping to come up with enough insight to help others discern as we deal in predictions which are part of our life experience. Beginning with a novel and moving to preparing for presentations and writing more about what is presented before audiences, Dr. Dennis continues to go deeper into the aspects of predictions to help others be more empowered with how predictions come-and-go fading away or being played out in our lives.
Dr. Dennis will be honored to entertain your audience with his Psychology of Predictions.

PRO-INCLUSION POLICY: We encourage LOVE in whatever form is most comfortable and expressive of each individual soul. In alignment with our vision of an accepting and loving planet, we do our best to hold a safe space for everyone, regardless of people’s age, abilities, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.