Empowered or In Power


I look through program titles and descriptions for personal services and workshops that assert they will empower (me and you). There is a subtle difference of something here I want to explore. When we don’t seem to be in our power, there is possibility of situations which will result in us experiencing an increase in energy or power. These situations are not universal ways to get or receive power and the same situation may seem to take or cause power to drain away…disempowering some, while empowering others. Someone may be taking power/energy with trust they gained by promising to empower! They may not even know they’re doing it! Power struggle is happening in all kinds of forms. People who see energy, report they see energy exchange between people. Some of these are one person seeming to suck energy from others. Others are a fair exchange of giving and taking. Yet another form is to be bringing in energy from the ethers of energy all around us and people thriving in increased energy. Yet another form is someone who is in a state of energy mastery where they consciously flow in energy generating energy in and of themselves plus exchanging energy with the universe in whatever form it is present with them in moment. A lot more about this will be explored as True Power is explored. Looking within, I asked myself why I care so much about True Power. I ask, too, if I would care if perhaps I always felt powerful. I probably wouldn’t even notice if I always felt I was powerful enough all along the way in life. Blessed such a person would be, but it hasn’t been me and it isn’t my peeps. I care passionately about True Power because I have been through a lot of struggle to come from being very disempowered into experiencing myself very different from then. I witness my power, testing and witnessing myself in the many situations of my life and I notice whether I am more in the disempowered state I come from, or in the powerful state I can be in now. I ask myself the challenging question when I am noticing I am in a state of what I have come to understand as my own power. That question is some arrangement of words (because the same question is in many arrangement of words and concepts) which beckons me to look more thoroughly into myself to check-in whether the state of power I am in is my own power or if I have borrowed power from events or people. Self-discovery that cannot be over-looked, is whether I have in some way taken power from someone or something engaging them in some way that drew their power into my power reserves. I must ask myself, I must challenge myself, because it isn’t enough to just be good at keeping my supply of power/energy charged through taking it. I want to know when I am generating energy, what works to build my energetic presence, and what depletes my energy presence. In doing so, I am coming closer to understanding what True Power is for me. I am pretty sure I cannot find the answer and tell the world or even one other person what True Power is. I think I can share methods that other people can use if they are motivated to move beyond the energy/power struggles going on pervasively all around, to be in a state of energy self-sufficiency and awareness that knows when an even exchange is happening and so, can consciously participate and know when it is appropriate to give of their energy to others with awareness of when to give more, when to give less, and when not to give energy. The other side of the coin is to honestly self appraise whether somehow getting energy at anyone or anything’s expense is truly beneficial in the long run. Living life experiences, taking time to witness myself in different situations, noticing how I am feeling about power, has helped me become more expert about what I am doing with regard to power in my moment-by-moment living. I am not, I don’t even want to, be expert about power with other people. I am pretty certain self-discovery is necessary for each and every one of us. I have usually been able to take short cuts in life, to learn through what others experience, and do less to get to where people work much more to get. I have tried hard to put in the same amount of time and effort in study as others report they do, but it is so much in my nature to want results as quickly as possible, then give my attention to something else. I might be lazy and I might just want more out of my life experience. I wonder if anyone can be a quick study regarding moving from being disempowered a lot of their time to being empowered, to being in their True Power? If I didn’t believe it possible I wouldn’t be trying to package hints, techniques, and simulations for people to explore what is taking my entire life to discover. I don’t want to promise to empower anyone. I don’t give permission to anyone to empower me. If someone has the ability to increase my state of power don’t they have the same ability to stop giving it or to remove power from me? I am not one who wants to end up blaming others for whether I am in my power or not. If I have to credit others as my source of power, what have I gained if I am dependent? I know I can live independent and interdependent with regard to my power. I want to run from anyone who tells me or anyone else they will empower them. I want to be the conscious source of my own power, thank you!

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