Explaining How Love IS The Healer


I am grateful for friends who ask questions that I have to go deeper and work to come up with more simple and direct answers to. Each one brings me closer to being able to really make sense directly and simply.

I remember college texts that were written (mostly) by the professor who taught the class. They so baffled me with bullshit it was almost impossible to get meaning from all the gobbledygook. I always wondered if they were trying to convince others they knew something by being so complicated no one could understand and would conclude they must know something higher and deeper. What if they were simply lost and really didn’t have clarity on the subject at all?

That could be me. Or it could be about knowing but not being able to express. I’ll own responsibility for both.

So here’s the best story so far:

My very own story to make some sense of it all is that eternity is a long time and to not be stimulated with experiences to grow from it is hell. So imagine we’re all one…just oneness in the void with energy everywhere we are in our oneness the royalty of. In other words, energy is an eager accomplice with whatever we conceive of.

So we, I, you, us came up with an idea. What if we get energy to form many interesting possibilities. BANG a universe begins as energy complies with our concept. Then we look at it unfolding knowing that solids are energy doing something impossible, but if we can conceive of it, at a minimum we create the illusion or holographic reality of what we conceive of.

Then we, I, you, us has the idea the universe is so vast if Oneness could subdivide into individual expressions many more possibilities could be lived, more wisdom could be gained, more information could be amassed, and we would be in constant expansion. Constantly expanding is Heaven. No boredom, no stagnation, no arriving at anything as what is; truth, is in constant evolution. We are fulfilled.

But there’s a flaw in the plan. We can conceive of anything and have energy compliant so we conceive of actual separation from Oneness and for whoever buys into the concept, Oneness has just ceased to exist. Experience of separation becomes struggle of pain of being less than we are, of being small and inadequate to something, but we aren’t remembering why. We mutate as the energy that makes up our being suffers the losses of not being complete and whole Oneness.

So what is Love? It is when we feel unified, connection, and come closer to oneness. What is the power that motivates energy to form what we conceive of on the universal Oneness level? Love. What is a heart? A pump with a tremendous ability to transmit and receive with other’s hearts and with the Oneness love energy. We go in and out of heaven and hell as we experience ourselves in unity and in separation. One approaches truth and the other is still an aspect of the creator god so has the ability to create all the energy of misery and suffering on an individual level and joining energy with those in the same space. Ouch!

So we’ve never stopped creating. We are the creator gods but not unified we are limited creators. When we’re out of touch with love, we create some strange possibilities that add to the Oneness experience, but individually it is a really difficult and un-natural thing to do. Much gratitude to those who live lives of suffering for the sake of knowing how it is to deny Oneness in favor of absolute separation into the illusion of separation.

So in my early training, I was given the assignment to make clouds disappear. I tried it and noticed when I was in my head, thinking thoughts that I created difficult energies with, difficult feelings, clouds would disappear but slowly. When I was in a really warm heart space I would consider loving, clouds disappeared fast.

I noticed that I had a healing gift through my hands and intention. I could feel different degrees of energy radiating in my hands and noticed when in my head it wasn’t there, but when I was really in my heart, the energy was strong and things happened I intended with ease. Sometimes I barely had an inception of something and it would form.

Fast forward in my training to Heartmath Institute. They did some scientific research because others were noticing the same thing as I. And they came up with interesting findings. They explained how all my negative thinking didn’t produce so much as coming form the heart would. So I had noticed when I was what Heartmath calls congruent between heart and head, magically things happened. But when I was closed in the heart and operating from the head, energy very reluctantly formed what I was creating. That’s grace! So there’s a natural built in mechanism that our pain, suffering, negativity and separation from others creates very sluggishly and our coherence between thought and heart is very powerful.

Now Heart is in two way communion with the love energy of creation, of Oneness, and our lives are amazingly magical when Heart is unleashed to be itself. The two way flow makes profound energy and heart energy goes into the hands so when we lay our hands with intention that energy effects other energies to form…healing! Yes it is that simple. When our hearts are allowed to be what they naturally want to be, if not restricted, they are in communion with universal love energy, the energy that makes it all work, and with intention it can make injury, disease, illness, pain, etc. re-form into what we intend and believe is possible. The more we believe is possible, or just leave it open to be shown what is possible, the more the healing happens.

It is love that is doing it. Love is there…always. Whether we go into congruence with it and flow with it is what determines the degree of ability to heal. Love is the healer. It is doing the healing. It cannot do otherwise because it is Love’s nature to create in harmony and oneness which produces optimum well-being.

Who are we in the equation? Part of love. Expression of love. When we drop for some moments our separation we are love incarnate and in the energy that we are. That energy has no limits, no impossibilities. Everything of Oneness is available to Oneness when we remember our Oneness.

Changing the result of separation, of forgetting who we are, of misery, of pain, of separation, of difficulty, of mutilated body parts, etc. is no difficulty for Love. The Course In Miracles says there is no degree of difficulty with miracles. Miracles are the same. A small miracle and the enormous miracles require the same to bring them into being. What is that same? I say, from my life experience, Love is that same, that motivator of miracles. It is simply able without further qualification. The miracle is a change from one state of being to another with an activator we’re mostly not familiar with: Love.

Now how cool is that? As cool as it has always been. Love cool, that’s how cool. And that is THE power of change.


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