Mount Shasta June 2014 030

Future Pull



This morning’s meditation was enhanced by opening Dr. Wayne Dyer‘s “Your Sacred Self.” Of course messages for the moment zeroed into my evolution.

I have felt what Dr. Dyer terms “future pull” but didn’t have a term for it. (A coyote just walked by) As I ponder what is Oneness my understanding opens to the forest surrounding our home. The big pine tree is incomplete without the small weed. The birds and rabbits are joined in Oneness by the cockroaches who scurry to safety as I walk the patio in the dark. There is no such thing as incomplete Oneness. We don’t get to mess with what Oneness is. Like every discovery, we get to be in awe of what is already there and exists whether we’re aware of it or not.

Future pull. I have wanted to dismiss my own uniqueness by trying to dilute it; pulling everyone else into it. “If I can do it, everyone else can do it.” Isn’t that like the mature pine tree telling the pretty little lavender wildflowers I’ve been encouraging in our yard to start growing pine needles and have a single trunk shooting to the sky?

It is wonderful feeling all the Oneness we can “discover” whether it is in the crowd at the World Cup stadium or a meditation. What I struggle to really “get” is that everything, every little and big individual expression of Oneness, has its own seed, its own energetic blueprint of what it will become…all going well. What I struggle to come out of hiding about is some kind of conditioning and programming I keep replaying as mine that hides my blueprint. All is not going well for my blueprint as I keep up this vigil of hiding in the crowd and insisting I will be fully myself when the crowd is just like me and fully me. Then I won’t be insecure about my individual expression of Oneness…so I seem to think.

One of my blueprint talents that seems to come naturally with shine and sparkle is seeing in others, their blueprints, and shining a light on their gifts. Yet I have some programs that tell me I must learn and cultivate qualities that don’t come easy for me, because I expect it of myself because somehow I think I will be more loved and accepted if I am practicing qualities others and some societies profess to be “the way to be.”

I love to be part of people shining as themselves. Yet I deny myself what easily is part of my nature, my innate talent, that is just there and I don’t have to learn and practice it? What kind of madness is this? It isn’t in my energetic pattern to deny Oneness the very expressions I am to do. Oneness is served by me exploring this lifetime with the energetic blueprint that is clearly my contribution. The pine tree has no sign of trying to be the lavender weed flowers I love too.

Our unique energetic patterns of individual expressions of Oneness; how do we find them? Everything else is plastered around our uniqueness even so far that something else has been molded with an entirely different appearance. And…it is really, really, heavy to carry all that “stuff” attached outside of our essence giving us “who we are” to the world and unfortunately usually to ourselves. It might be someone else…or not…but it isn’t our original blueprint.

If we just sense, feel, think about, or imagine (Thank You Peggy Phoenix Dubro for that little list) our FUTURE PULL, the force that for my lavender weed flowers helps its seeds to spread out branches and leaves toward those lovely flowers, and for the pine trees makes its very similar seed do what pine trees to to become giants, we begin to notice an inevitability in motion sweeping us toward ourselves.

Oneness is not served by us failing to be the individual expressions our contribution to Oneness is.

The previous statement is for me, and anyone else who gets something out of it…that’s a bonus!

Of all the things I have ever done, what comes naturally and is most assisted by inspiration is: motivating…being a muse…for individual fulfillment. What am I doing trying to fit into energetic patterns that are not mine? If I show up for my individual pattern it might just get more clear for someone else what their pattern is and that future pull is moving them into something I am striving to be that doesn’t come easy for me. I can get out of their way and into my own.

Oh Paradox how I live you. The focus of my energetic pattern of individual expression of…yes…Oneness does not mean loosing myself in the crowd but being my unique contribution to the whole. The whole is not betrayed and abandoned by my uniqueness; but served.

And what I need most, is the natural gift I offer others, and as I practice my uniqueness others are served. Joy expands feeling more purpose in Oneness.

Thank you “8G” for being another resource to awaken my remembering.

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