I Am the Greatest Lover in My Life


20151203_143911        by Marlaina B. Vance

Recognition of what is: Divine love is operating throughout this universe with limitless opportunities for loving.

Joining in unity with this truth: Love flows around me and through me with great ease and beauty, expressing and revealing my being centered in love.

Affirmation of what is happening: I know my loving nature creates a harmonious life for me and for all that my life encounters. I love deeply, passionately, and freely, and find great joy in loving. I love, love. Wherever I focus my attention with love there is fruitfulness. I live with a loving vibration in my heart that heals all things.

Dealing with barriers to love realization: Anything unlike love dissolves into the darkness from which it came. Nothing can destroy the purity and power of great loving that operates in my life.

Reaffirming free of barriers: I am one with god, and recognize my spirit entwined with eternal love. I see, know, feel, and hear love. I can taste love and I am nourished by the loving I do daily. I attract loving people to me as I give and receive love easily.

Gratitude for what is: I’m thankful for opportunities to enliven my life, heighten my awareness, and grow in love.

Releasing to divine wisdom (higher power): The strength and beauty of loving is my reality. And I release this treatment with expectant joy, and so it is.



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