It Is Like Getting a Promotion In Life


It is Like Getting a Promotion in Life

While Lark and I were sitting with two beautiful Indian women at breakfast, we were exploring how to say “good morning” in Hindi. We’d noticed many workers were saying “good morning” to us in our language and I thought it would honor them to be able to greet them with their language.

Our friend explained how some English terms are part of Hindi even if a person does not speak English. She further explained that for everyone they want to be good at speaking English. To help us understand how it feels to speak English, she said “It is like getting a promotion in life.”

The concept has been playing in my thoughts. We continued the conversation of how we all have riches to share with others. As English is becoming the language of the planet it is important to look at the contributions of people of all cultures for what contributes to uplifting our human condition.

I stood at the window of a beautiful and large mall yesterday afternoon after walking 2 kilometers of road with all kinds of chaos past supermarkets no bigger than a walk-in closet, colonial homes in the middle of big properties in poor repair, multi-story beautiful modern buildings amongst dilapidated old ones, all manner of vehicles weaving around as they find their way where the law of driving seems to be one law only: work it out with whoever and whatever is there.

From those mall windows I saw the river below and near the busy bridge, shanty shelters made of whatever was available in the river’s channel at the foot of large apartment complexes with domes rising from the roofs like the capitol rotunda of Washington D.C. and at least the capitol building of the State of Idaho I have actually been in.

As I go about in India, If it is there, I didn’t notice it, that anyone harasses anyone else no matter what their station in life or what they are up to. For me it is madness yet much more respectful and orderly than the orderliness of laws where I live most of my life where a finger is displayed with red-faced anger at the slightest unpredicted movement in traffic ordered precisely with laws for where to be and how to move.

At home the law is responsible. In many countries the people are responsible to work it out safely. I don’t observe fingers waving or anyone being angry, just doing what it takes to get where they are going with others who are doing the same. For most roads there is no bother with lines for lanes and where there is I wonder why bother painting on roads. It teaches me a great deal and I can say it is like getting an advancement in life.

I wonder about the advancements in life. What are they really? Are they about being more separate and alone or are they milemarkers/kilometermarkers in which we are less separate and more joined with others?

Is there any pain and misery that is not of separation? With each advancement do we realize more, our oneness, wholeness, completeness?

Of course you know my opinion, what I might want to exactly spell out is your place of how you should be. However I am aware if I were to insist you make the choices I would make, it is the same as saying you must navigate on the roads of my hometown in Arizona, USA. But I also see how separation happens in the home system and at home, with a little deviation from exactly obeying the rules of separation, traffic accidents happen.

For me, from my very ordered streets with lines and signs of what to do, I first look at the streets of countries who do it differently and realize even old vehicles are not scraped and dented yet my motor-rickshaw drivers narrowly miss frequently. There’s an alertness, a spacial awareness, and flowing together that leaves me wondering just how much my society is based on separation and isolation in many subtle ways in the name of orderliness, where others are never in the pains, suffering, isolation, depression etc. of loneliness and separation.

I have heard it said in India it is impossible to do anything alone. At best they choose who is around as they do, or who they do with. I wish I had the social life they have. For me that would be an advancement in life.

Speaking English may give some a sense of getting an advancement in life, but how many ways can I find throughout the world that will give me an advancement in life?

Is the ultimate really in the here—now, now—here Oneness which is us and is completely equally available to Oneness of which we are? Could it be the advancement of advancements in life is being here—now, now—here?

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