Join Me in this Experiment


I’ve always loved it when I experience telepathic or psychic connection or communication with someone. I dreamed of my primary relationship being so connected the mystical communication would be our way. I’ve had it at the start of relationships too. It is heaven to me.

But we got in our minds. I’ve had to explore and observe until I began to understand how amazing connections didn’t last and what transformation I needed to get them to continue.

At Osho International late summer of 2014 I got an important concept, a key understanding. I was excited. I’d come into understanding I hadn’t heard from anyone. Then the next evening in the discourse from more than 1/3 of a century before, Osho spoke of the longest distance between two points being from the moment, to creation of language about the moment. It cemented my insight.

My realization, from years of trial and mostly error, is that being in the moment and staying in moment consciousness, riding on that razor’s edge between past and future didn’t last long. I didn’t know why I would find myself realizing I was somewhere else and instantly be in moment consciousness only to wonder when I left again to repeat the cycle by realizing I was out of moment consciousness and come back into moment consciousness. This is the core wheel of life we can break free of continuing.

I needed to understand something. I was in moment briefly and what took me out of moment consciousness was making story with language about what I was experiencing in moment. As soon as I began the process I left moment and the story was about moments gone because I lost focus in moment present. So being in my mind creating story with language my moment awareness was dulled, became hazy, and sometimes my eyes saw light but my mind was not seeing it because it was busy with my story creation about old dead and gone moments.

There were some times I realized in retrospect I’d been in moment awareness and communicated without language. Some of these times there was great power. Miracles as we define them happened easily then. It was later I made the stories.

So here’s the experiment. Those of you who work with affirmations, intentions, rituals, guided meditations, etc. are ready for this experiment. Those of you who manifest using the power of thought, the power of making vibrations through using sounds, the power of the spoken word, are the people who can do this.

Remember when you were an infant, when you communicated in pure form before you learned to use the language the world wanted you to communicate with? This is our pure language, the pre-verbal language. It is spontaneous because it flows at the edge of moment: now. It is the desired state of meditators to be in “no mind” which is rich in awareness and communication on the pre-verbal level. It is also communication that doesn’t leave the moment as it continues unfolding, so, you don’t miss being aware of what is going on within and around.

So here’s what I know about staying in pre-verbal communion and riding the wave of the moment: it is our power place, the place where we meet with, can engage with, and exchange with everything real, everything now, everything as it really is. It is the space/place were we can influence energy with multi-dimensional communication that goes into our knowing, but stays pre-verbal.

It isn’t easy. We’re so conditioned to abandon our pre-verbal language skills in favor of storing every thought form as languaged stories. We have forgotten how to trust the communion will be stored in its pure moment form and be there in the mysterious knowing we don’t think about and don’t make stories about, but, when we need to access it, somehow we know without previously thinking about what we knew.

It supports the concept of “knowing without knowledge.” The language of knowledge is in words mostly with some sounds, pictures, and feelings supporting our stories of our knowledge. We go to school and are given knowledge commanded by words. Words tell us how to interpret our experiences of what we see, what we hear, and what we feel. We learn to live there.

But, sometimes we find ourselves mysteriously knowing what we didn’t know we knew. This is both drawn from the moment’s information and drawn from storage where it was kept in pure form without interpretation into our skills of knowledge.

So here’s what I have been doing. I’m aware of moments and they have been exponentially expanding as I have been doing this, when I am in telepathy. I witness my mind’s habit of trying to make language about the moment and I teeter on and off the razor’s edge of the moment, but I am increasingly staying and experiencing in trust giving my energy to continuing to ride the wave of the telepathic moments. It goes beyond words and effects me in such life giving and transformational ways, yet I don’t know how to use words about my experiences.

There’s another bonus in this. In the moment I can commune and in communion with the energy of the moment, effect life in amazing ways. There’s a fine line between pre-verbally interacting and the intention of thoughtform that is expressed in stories of words. I’m talking about leaving the verbal alone and trusting what is happening in the moment’s connection without knowledge for my security and the illusion I am being in control. And things happen.

I’ve been experimenting with using a dowsing tool while being in pre-verbal awareness and watching the dowsing tool respond to the wordless communion with it. My dowsing system knows and responds without me using words.

It is our original language, our original state of being. It is not something new but a returning, a remembering. On planets that have preceded us in the power of oneness awareness, the voice box is used for entertainment and communication is without words through awareness of the many facets of observation particularly the web of telepathy connecting everyone.

We’re becoming increasingly aware of our interconnectedness. Early psychologists recognized it as part of our psyche. Experiments with telepathy show it works even in rooms where radio waves cannot penetrate. It is a more refined frequency than our electronic communications systems. We talk of our group consciousness levels. We talk of “The Gestalt” of populations, our world, and even the universe as a whole. It isn’t a secret but what keeps from living it more fully? Can it be that we are dependent on using our voice boxes for communication language and knowledge formed and stored as written and spoken language … words, and we’ve atrophied in our original pre-verbal nature?

If you understand what I am referring

to, what is indicated by words but cannot be said by words, you’re joining me as we re-exercise our atrophied original nature, our natural state of being, the state of being that is eternal and doesn’t know any separation. I invite you to exercise with me and others as we build community of our original and extremely powerful selves. We share knowing without knowledge going and staying at the edge of the evolution of now.

If you have words to indicate we’re together on this, please comment on this blog post.

-Dr. Dennis-

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