Just a Hint of What is Possible


I awakened in the night with a head-splitting pounding headache, exactly the condition I have been avoiding by drinking coffee before going to sleep. I did deep breathing to get oxygen back into my brain and as the headache subsided, I realized there is every possibility of an approach I have tried for other biological changes being useful with changing what appears to be sleep apnea.

I decided to go off coffee in preparation for our big trip which begins tomorrow. I prefer to go off permanently.

It only takes a hint that something is possible and it becomes possible. The hints can come from fiction, they can come from our unseen helpers, but most often they come from each other. Because it is our nature to expand, deep within we cannot be at peace with limitations and stagnation of complacency. In some way, in some aspect of our lives we must believe we are growing if only an ego concept of pseudo importance warranted or not. Just think of how our smart phones far exceed Gene Roddenberry’s futuristic vision of a communication device like a wrist watch for Star Trek. Did he introduce the possibility to electronic engineers who once inspired by possibility kept taking it to the next levels?

I often take the bait with books Hay House publishes by pre-launch ordering them. I don’t really take advantage of the free gifts although I have created some gifts for my readers when “The Gods Must Be Us” is in pre-launch promotion. I just want the books, trusting doing so without justifiable reasons. I get rewarded for that. Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book “You Are The Placebo” launched this spring was definitely a prominent jewel in my treasury of books.

Dr. Dispenza does 2 things that really inspire me. First is the foundation for the second.

He debunks the erroneous ideas about DNA that were take-offs into modern belief systems from an overly ambitious researcher who drew conclusions about DNA, and published them, that wouldn’t be agreed with and validated by researchers in the 44 years since, but which were popular notions among people and an enormous barrier…a limitation…for us owning our true power with our health and wellness.

The second was amazing for me. He describes the step-by-step process by which the process unfolds of our bodies adapting and creating what it needs including the step in the process where DNA is essentially the library of possibilities which is called upon to do its part. It is an essential part, but DNA is not the intelligence or determiner it is touted to be at all. It is a step somewhere late-middle in a process of cooperation of our biological oneness.

What excites me is that by knowing the process, even if he doesn’t have it so exactly right it may later be corrected, I got the hint Dr. Dispenza flashes on a screen of LED brilliance complete with Dolby Surround Sound, not such a subtle hint, that we are the initiator of the process whether we’re conscious of it or not!

If we’re not conscious of what we’re doing to our biology we send it amiss. To the degree we take charge of consciously initiating our systems to function as we want them for our healthful benefit, we get our biology to do what we want. We don’t have to know the steps, only that we are the initiator of the steps. We don’t so much need to know how to initiate our biological responses as to be aware of what blocks or directs our biology to enact something we aren’t satisfied with.

It keeps coming up that in every area I know of life, our optimum and most beneficial state of being is there, available to us, naturally and without efforting. The problem is we have bought into beliefs and contain energetic imprints of information and instruction that gets activated without awareness at all, that enacts what they’re about in our biology.

The interesting thing I notice too is that the very things that limit us take vigilance and energy to keep alive for us. Please note we aren’t even aware this is all going on, but it goes on by default! Our DNA is innocently compliant in a system of choice we’re not consciously involved in.

So to we wake up to who we really are…completely, isn’t required; we’ll grow into that, we are free to experiment with ourselves and get results for ourselves. It just takes enough of a beginning awareness and with each delight of change working out well we naturally flow in our desire to expand. That’s what it has been for me.

So when I read “You Are The Placebo” and remembered Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book “The Biology of Belief” which followed the inspiration I got from “The Spontaneous Healing of Belief” by Gregg Braden, I took it to yet a next level.

While talking with friends about our experiences with presenters at 2014’s Kryon Summerlight and associated events near Mt. Shasta, California I expressed my disappointment with Dr. Lipton’s presentations because I wanted him to go further with things in his book that so inspired me. One of them perceptively suggested perhaps I read a lot more into his book as I read it based on where I operate from. In other words he suggested and I filled in with my understandings to take it further than it actually was stated in his book. I had projected onto Dr. Lipton my experience and excitement with his book that perhaps was more my creation from Dr. Liption’s words than what he wrote!

What a challenging concept! Could it be as I read, the words trigger my inner knowing and I attribute the authors with saying more because of where I go as I read? At first I squirmed at the suggestion I did this but before I could remember who in the group said it to give them credit and gratitude, I was deep into thought about a new dimension of awareness of being a reader.

That may be an indication of coming close to Oneness and therefore the wisdom and knowledge of Oneness is there for me as I read concepts that trigger knowing I didn’t know I knew. Yet in Oneness what is known is available within Oneness without privilege and regard of any status. The only requirement seems to be to shake off the debris of limitations and vestiges of separation.

So back to laying there thinking I don’t have to go back to coffee to stop the head-splitting pounding headaches in the night. I know success with conscious direction to my system for the health I want enacted in my biology, so I knew there is a next step to take.

So here’s the experiment: I simply instruct my systems to change to producing the vibrantly healthy steps and responses to keep breathing deeply in all levels of sleep I might be in so as to keep itself (my biology) well supplied with all it needs that comes from breath. Just for fun I can call upon the aides that I call “unseen helpers” to assist with this, I can allow the divine un-manifest to create what is needed to support this project, and in essence if I am forgetting any individual expressions of Oneness I can open to whatever else is there to support this project. I haven’t called upon any one but myself because they are in me as I am in them so there really isn’t a “They” and “Them” after all.

Success or adjustments will be contingent upon whether the headaches in the night continue or stop happening. I know it is possible for them not to happen. Earlier in life night headaches weren’t something that I experienced.

I’ve taken something to the next level. I love taking things to the next level, and the next, and the next!

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