Love is absence of separation


Recently I updated one of my social profiles. I removed education then for the following days experiences came, thoughts came, that helped me understand why such a seemingly irrational thing was sane.

One of the experiences was to pull one of the collector books off my shelf and read it for the first time in 20 years. It is “Mojud, The Man With The Inexplicable Life.” It is a Sufi story with the discourse of Osho speaking on it. It is the truth of my education. So it would be more accurate, more truthful to speak of my education as an inexplicable life.

I anguished for years over being correct, being honest, about healing that I show up for and witness it happening. I marvel at all the creative terms people apply to healing. They make up amazing terms that befuddle me. I have attended presentations where we were told someone received/receives a special privileged “energy” from some faction of the realms and dimensions unavailable to the normal person but now available through them only (for a fancy fee).

I wonder if the Universe, Existence, is really so disinterested in our well-being that something as important as healing is withheld and at a special time sent through some really important person through whom it is given but only to a select few who pay the fancy fee? With 3 million people being born and dying in a minute or an hour (it gets unimportant which) virtually every modality and the teachings of every teacher, guru, etc. isn’t even penetrating the world population deeply enough to cover a small, very small percentage of the people coming and going from life in a very short period of time. Even with our mass media, information may be there, but what truly touches people’s lives may be conveyed to few of the audience if any at all.

I want billions of people to know pretty much what I know. And I know the truth of it is: nothing is withheld from any individual aspect of Oneness. Oneness would be incomplete without…

My ego wants to capitalize on knowingness. It wants to make some cash and be adored as someone special but who can be special when he gives away the very secret of the Universe? We are One, we all have access to everything of One because in remembering our Oneness it is there.

That really kicks butt on my ego. I know it is impossible for me to be more or less than One. It is the same for everyone.

When I am reporting what I know as One or I am doing what is done in One, I am showing up. That’s all, just showing up. It is giving up the only thing that has any chance of ME being more for reasons like having accolades few people have. Separation is my only hope of a big shiny polished refined higher vibration ego, a spiritual ego especially. But I know the separation game is illusion and if I forget and get lost in playing it…well…I’ll awake as I do from dreams.

So I am a healer is both true and isn’t true. What isn’t true is the part of my individual expression being the special reason for healing. So when I show up when being called upon for healing, healing takes place through me. I am the witness, the watcher, as it happens. It was really a big relief when I couldn’t resolve the issue of what healing is that happens when I show up and act as a healer.

I noticed one basic thing. It has taken all my lifetime until this morning to think I can say enough about it for someone else to remember who is on the verge of remembering and for whom just this is needed for them to come through a veil of understanding. That one thing is that my presence changes. In that change is less of me as an individual and more of awareness of being an energetic web of many showing up together and the electricity, the power, the energy illuminates my heart center.

So each integral important part of the web of interconnectedness showing up in healing moments is in Oneness and when we’re in oneness LOVE is our condition. When we are closer to being dissolved in Oneness which is simply releasing our vigil of effort to be in a state of separation, we are in wholeness, in correctness, and the energy aligns other energies with its presence.

What is un-healed is discordant energies, energies lost and alone in belief in separation. When Oneness is radiating the energies of cells and thoughts remember their correct state of being and with intention to be healed, re-calibrate.

So the only important thing to know is that Healing happens because Love’s presence is our healed presence. The short version is “Healing Happens.”

I notice when I am in any kind of dis-comfort, dis-harmony, I feel very separate and alone. I seem to be unable to think of what I know. Is it because separation and our healed state of being are not able to co-exist? Is our effort to try to be really, really separate and prove it can be done a state of dis-ease in itself? Is it possible the more we dissolve and dissipate the energies of separation and aloneness with all its special uniqueness, we re-align with wholeness, with completeness?

We are many faceted. We are not only individual, separate, and alone from what we aren’t really, we are full of aspects of individuality within our separate selves. We’re all multi-personality, multi parts.

If we were simply a unity, change would be complete once and for all with a one-time application. Our inner unity would be the micro expression of macro Oneness.

I suspect I have been living an inexplicable life of layers and aspects, and every other conceivable concept of separation as a big-bang of self away from internal unity which makes a lot of barriers to my inner wholeness which in turn will recognize Oneness of all. Separation has a difficulty recognizing Oneness. It reasons there is evidence of many aspects in just the small self we are living so it is sure separation is true and correct. What is within must be without. Or so a fractured and multifaceted self reasons. And the fractured, multifaceted self will find evidence that matches its state of illusion in everything.

Looking at life from within so much separation and individuation, what is seen is what can be seen, what can be conceived of: what is within is without, what is without is within.

It is moments like healing, healing moments, when we forget separation long enough, just enough, for wholeness to emerge and re-alignment to produce change.

We quit too soon. We get a little bit of change, think it is enough to buy that thing we’ve longed for, and without hardly a thought of gratitude run away in separation for the small thing that is wanted. We may receive healing of a wound and quickly go do what we did before we had the wound.

All healing is available. What is difficult for us is being open, remaining open, dissolving away our illusions of separation, and remembering. Remembering confronts us and we have to dissolve away our baggage, our heaviness. We have to give up our little to receive of everything. For our ability to receive is inhibited by our clenching tightly to what we think we have. We’ve built our empires large and small through our efforts. We just don’t understand our original state of being, the state of being we haven’t been able to depart from, has every possibility, everything that is known, available on an equal basis. No effort except to release the efforting is useful.

There is a lot of effort involved in not being whole. Healing is a non-existent issue for us when we have no symptoms of being anything but healthy. We don’t think of healing when we’re enjoying being our most fully alive. Even if we have injury it doesn’t get in the way when we forget giving it separate and alone energy of specialness and get involved in moments of living more fully. There is no effort when we forget and immerse ourselves in the goodies of life.

We do experience moments of forgetting separation…or degrees of separation, and allow ourselves to experience Oneness but most always with limits preventing total immersion…enjoying enough but not too much. We try to be in the delicate balance of the just enough ecstasy without being totally immersed. We maintain enough energetic threads to our separation to return to the separation we believe in. We may be even more discontented having come a little closer to Oneness. There is discord. They can no more co-exist than darkness can overcome light. We have new problems when we forget separation and revel in our natural state of being in a limited way.

Healing is a gift we give ourselves…or not. We don’t have to meet the healers who show up. We don’t have to connect with the whole moments that would naturally re-calibrate our biology or our mental or spiritual states of being. We can have reasons for not doing so. We can refuse to allow love. We can reason a time when we had love, or should have had love, and it didn’t overcome all our resistance and defiance to over-ride our free-will and make us permanently in it.

Love is the healer. We may make stories to fuel reasons to shut love out, to reject love, to disallow love and persist with being in layers upon layers, aspects upon fragments, of separation.

Still love is the healer. Or if we don’t leave the state of Oneness, the state of love, we have no need of healing. Only then is love not the healer. Love is the energy, the essence, of Oneness.

That’s us. Oneness! That’s us. Love! It takes all the effort of Hell not to just be who, what, we are.


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