More than 6, less than 7


When I was channeling the original #7, it didn’t make it past the cut!

Here’s the background. There’s this guy who’s been a Sedonut for 21 years now. He’s been around some channeling. He dropped out of the New Age scene, he dropped out of every group he ever explored. He opted for the Ageless scene.

He lived with a psychic for a couple of years. At first his greed calculated the benefits of her gifts on his team, but he learned why a prophetess is without honor in her own land and it compelled him to get his own information from his own connection in Oneness.

He met a strange lady who said she channeled God. She proceeded (without invitation) to tell him what he was to do. It served her and her friend.

He met pseudo gurus who told him to surrender. They would take care of telling him what he would do. It would have served them quite well.

He had a girlfriend. What a powerful heart energy! She was touted by her following as one of the world’s most powerful white witches. She was amazing, what a catch! She declared him one of the world’s most powerful wizards. Hearing that said, he decided then and there he would stop playing around with powers and work on himself. He knew he needed some housecleaning…a whole lot of it…not to be more powerful, but to use powers rightly.

He followed his path from one love of his life to another. Each were gifts to see and be more clearly. With each he came together with an amazing story. With each the story expiration date arrived.

He worked at Enchantment Resort when someone in the Sedona Journal of Emergence was channeling all about a secret underground space station, in Secret Canyon of course, with a tunnel to Enchantment which was a government front where the government agents and the space travelers stayed. Repeatedly he was asked about his work. He lied about Enchantment one day, telling a group of women what they really wanted to hear, just for fun. The stories have probably grown exponentially through the years. Nobody ever asked him again. Some stories should expire before being told.

He didn’t like channeling. If anything he became clearer about channeling. He was outspoken against channeling and turned the focus to each person getting their own guidance and information. It supports true empowerment to do that.

Is there anyone still wondering who that is?

Me. The quintessential anti-channeling, pro get-your-own-information-and-guidance and quit-giving-power-to-nonsense, me.

Once upon a time a jet spraying chemtrails at 37,000 feet above Sedona to deaden the spiritually advanced notions of the nest of special people here, tossed out a 16 pound men’s bowling ball too just to see if the spray was dropping directly underneath as intended. The bowling ball landed in a bale of cotton in Casa Grande. My speaking against channeling had just about as much impact as the sound of that bowling ball in the bale of cotton. (And this story expires when you’ve finished reading it.)

I got a good repeated ability-based, achievement-based, “getting it” based education on one basic principle–People believe what they want to believe and it often doesn’t have anything to do with truth at all. Then I looked inside at what I believe and how fast I buy into something blindly because it serves some kind of energy in me that wants that to be true for some reason beyond my understanding.

Being a self-responsible guy, seeing that, I had to disconnect from a lot of stuff and hope everyone else was so busy in their own worlds they would forget how foolish I had been, especially when they wanted to remind me of my very recent past. Sure enough my friend Jim Fletcher sat across from me at Chinese fast food and said “You! After all you’ve said against channeling, You!” I did predict something right.

So here’s what happened to the original number 7. The first 2/3 was “G8” for real. But I knew a skunk hiding in the woodpile when I smelled it. My ego jumped in and did the “I can play channeler.” I saw that the last 1/3 was too much the only person in life I have a chance of really knowing (provided I live long enough to complete the challenge).

So I dumped it all. I didn’t do any surgery and remove what didn’t serve. I dumped the whole entire thing releasing all its energy for new creation. I tested whether I could be expelled from Oneness, if my Pleiadian self would vacate on grounds I had committed the last intolerable act of independent, separation insisting defiance.

I don’t remember what the channeling was about that day. I figured if it is important it will come out another way…another day.

So far all “Voice of the 8th Generation—8G” channeling has been attended by a microphone attached to my computer and being listened to by a dragon.

I could develop fame and increase audience size but I might suffer self-inflicted torture if I channeled something like the channeling I have reviled against. What if it isn’t safe for human consumption? Just me and the dragon. Later I added the video camera complete with light boxes and a super-duper microphone. The first videos were out of focus! The advanced top in her class dragon still listened through the super-duper microphone.

Is shyness a factor? Remember my friend Jim? People remember. It is more the dreaded discomfort of the possibility people might remember my old soap box as I stood on the streets of Sedona attempting to save the world from New Age folly. It is about the soap box, not me.

If I am going to participate in this channeling thing, I must do all I can to prevent another Dennis Clegg from proclaiming on his soap box what a bunch of manipulative, somebody serving, energy distracting, avoidance of here-and-now, no benefit to anyone in the present, nonsense I was trying to satisfy my ego need for followers with. People remember.

And what of the seven people who walked out of my feature presentation at a psychic faire when I spoke about predictions but didn’t make any? My friend Jim was there. He said the reason there were no questions from the audience was that nobody ever breached this angle on the subject before. It was too cutting edge and shocking to a world entertained by predictions for anyone to be able to re-collect their thoughts to ask anything. What are friends for but to find nice ways to say “what were you thinking?”

So I channel in the early morning when Lark is still asleep with fancy equipment and a dragon for an audience. That’s my buffer, my safety zone. I let the channeling sessions cool off, then when I go back and read the texts, I get to decide: thumbs up or thumbs down. The first #7 got my thumbs down. The lions of cyberspace ate it. 8G is on notice! I don’t want no nonsense coming out of my mouth. Well that’s in conflict with my whole life. I get to do the nonsense. No one else gets that privilege. But then again I know Lark will refine my honesty by challenging me about “who is in” at any given time.

So I do my best and thank my friend Elan Dubro-Cohen for coining the term 8G to make “The Voice of the 8th Generation” easier to roll off the tongue. I went into panic at his suggestion I get onto stage in the same sentence. We were standing in the improvised “Green Room” of the Kryon Summerlight weekend in June 2014 at the foot of Mount Shasta. It was easy to talk about wanting to be on stage but when the coordinator and master of ceremonies for what ends up being a 2-week gala affair for Kryonites suggested it…I saw someone else inside me terrified at the mere suggestion. It gave me something to work through the rest of the 2 weeks.

I married into world-class channeling, association with a team with over 20 years of experience.  Lark is an amazing volunteer worker. When I finally realized she was talking about me volunteering for a channeling event I proclaimed “You know I don’t like channeling!” She told me I don’t have to listen to it; I could just help out as a volunteer.

So I gingerly checked out a Kryon book or two. Stephen and Peggy Phoenix Dubro invited us to lunch. I had a good talk with Peggy about channeling. We were on the same page and she got my attention with her line “channeling more of yourself.” I couldn’t argue with that and Kryon wasn’t falling into my tub of bullshit rejected channelings…not so far. I even listened to a lot of the event knowing I could scream “bullshit” at the top of my lungs any moment if they failed to satisfy my criteria for worthwhile subject matter. I didn’t scream out. I put Lee Carroll and the Dubros on my list of friends. Only original signatures make it to that list.

There’s always going to be a Dennis Clegg with other faces and names who will scrutinize what I participate in with 8G; comparing with their beliefs. And I will stand red faced while the voice inside me reminds me why it is better to remain anonymous, which I destroyed forever. I used to have it made when I played it safe. Nobody listens to nobody because nobody is nobody and nobody is there when nobody speaks. But it has been safe.

Please don’t believe me. You probably won’t do well believing yourself either. I don’t know if I ever qualified as a disciple of Osho. I certainly didn’t make the cut into Devotee status. I don’t think Osho was advising me to do that. I love and will be ever grateful for the tools Osho is for my own self-empowered transformation.

If I have something you can use as a tool for your transformation, take credit for being wise enough to know it for what it can be for you and having the strength to take it for yourself as you build your own “knowingness” of your own truth. Then purify that!

Gratitude will always bring you the best life has to offer. I am certain of that! You are under no obligation to express gratitude to me, but please, express it, starting in your heart. I don’t know exactly and completely who to thank. Play it safe and thank Oneness, Existence…whatever sounds you use to describe what you find your inner connection with. I am certain it doesn’t originate with me. I resistantly, hesitantly, pass it along.

I’ll keep channeling as long as 8G doesn’t draw the line behind me when I have gone too far being resistant. I might even morph into having real people listen live. Is that the next big hurdle? Then I cannot approve it before I release it to the public. What a step of trust that will be.

Dr. Dennis N. Clegg

PS: Jack has been my body double while I remained incognito.

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