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  • Queen Of The Night 2007 043

    The Art of Believing


    People who want to know truth investigate and question each possible conclusion that might be derived from investigation until they arrive at what they are satisfied might be possibilities of what truth may be. Going deeper and deeper into truth reveals subjectivity. When do we …

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  • Urbine221dc

    Empowered or In Power


    I look through program titles and descriptions for personal services and workshops that assert they will empower (me and you). There is a subtle difference of something here I want to explore. When we don’t seem to be in our power, there is possibility of …

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  • More than 6, less than 7


    When I was channeling the original #7, it didn’t make it past the cut! Here’s the background. There’s this guy who’s been a Sedonut for 21 years now. He’s been around some channeling. He dropped out of the New Age scene, he dropped out of …

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  • Mount Shasta June 2014 030

    Future Pull

      This morning’s meditation was enhanced by opening Dr. Wayne Dyer‘s “Your Sacred Self.” Of course messages for the moment zeroed into my evolution. I have felt what Dr. Dyer terms “future pull” but didn’t have a term for it. (A coyote just walked by) …

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  • Love affects the Weather

    Why “Love is the Healer” Part IV: The Secret of Energy Healing

    In my earlier experiences of doing simple weather control exercises, I was feeling so connected and in love with a beloved. I noticed when I gave my consciousness to that loving heart radiance, what I was doing with weather happened much more quickly. I had …

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  • World Faith Symbols and Heart

    Why “Love is the Healer” Part III: Your Very Own Religion

    I love the idea that each of us should have our own religion. If we drop the standardization of organized religion and really look at ourselves, we do have our own religious or spiritual life that we cannot declare as a static noun. It is …

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  • Why “Love is the Healer” Part II: Love and Identity

    I have found love is not to be understood for that would be of mind. My mind clearly distrusts my heart and the moments of coherence of the two have been long in coming. I still find I cannot intend coherence of heart and mind …

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  • Love is the Healer

    Why “Love is the Healer”

    It has been an interesting part of my journey to make the declaration “love is the healer.” PART I If the responses from other people to the concept aren’t interesting enough, watching myself regarding declaring “love is the healer” again and again has revealed layer …

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