Pleading with a physician of a specific medical model


14 October 2014 responding to a letter from a Naturopathic Physician mentioning the limitations of her health challenges. She’s really into conspiracy theories and even a leader in getting the information to the public. She challenges me from a space I left behind, not so much with intent to overcome, but from the curiosity of a child breaking free of the loop and going on to explore new and interesting possibilities.

It has been awhile since adding a blog, the last one being mid-way through my latest experience at the Osho Meditation Resort in India. Since coming home, I have been intent with the second re-write of “The Gods Must Be Us” and recruiting some readers to help me polish it before sending it on to the next 2 phases of editing and preparation for a first of the year publishing. There are some other shifts in life, one in particular, that puts me into knowing, rather than theorizing what is in the book. It is interesting how writing this book keeps me exploring and practicing what’s in the book so I have a knowing rather than a philosophy about the book’s contents.

Here is the main body of my letter without some personal references:

Re: Health issues. Are you open to going outside your model of health care? I am also a practitioner with Energy Psychology and Energy healing which are one-in-the same as well as having other healing skills. My reality is getting healthier, more vibrant, more healthy as I get older, the reverse of what most everybody is experiencing. We have regenerative ability if it 1) the energies of belief barriers are dissipated 2) We clearly give our being the go-ahead to do what it naturally will do free of all the programming and conditioning that is over-riding its natural regenerative nature. 3) We’re conscious of the messages of thought and belief that are counter to vibrant health! 4) summed up it is part of the package of taking reasonable good care of self, not to compensate for underlying beliefs but in celebration and honoring the inner wisdom of vibrant being.

“Physician heal thyself” is an old and powerful adage. Are we about a pathology mindset reinforcing degeneration with all the associated fatalism and fear? Or are we about gratitude; full of love and abundant radiance to enact the good health of others? Most medical models are pathological and fatalistic in their basic premises which leads people into dependency, not freedom. Do you have any understanding of all of this and/or are you willing to begin to explore in receptivity other possibilities than the ones you’re steeped in?

You were on the cusp of exploring powerful things with your book, but it was still in external stages. Are you ready to explore the inner journey to freedom from the external to becoming one within and without, having abilities of Godliness? The external cannot be against us if we’re not against our interiority. Once we’re conscious of our interiority we know the micro is the macro and the external serves us. Fatalism and fear are illusions we can choose to live out or we can let fall away from us. We are free to choose.

I know the external such as cars, our homes, equipment, etc will express what is within us, especially if water is involved since we’re mostly water ourselves. As we heal ourselves, we will be amazed how the world around us expresses the same. What I get of your hot tub troubles is a call for help for what the hot tub expresses of yourself.

I have tried it too many times with so many examples. Machinery and equipment will express us. I know of restaurants with very old equipment that runs with amazing reliability, rarely needing help. The owners are amazing people I am good friends with. I know others who have endless trouble with late model equipment expressing their disharmonious living. People who are in gratitude attract more to be grateful for. Those who ruminate on disharmony vibrate with and create the energetic expressions of disharmony.

In the path of knowing you I have so wanted to wake you up to the energy you vibrate in and what it does with the energies around you. It is such a shell of being so vigilant to what you serve, you haven’t been willing to see beyond it to other possibilities others are experiencing. I have made that shift and live in an increasingly magical world giving me ever more that elevates me. Sure I am going to die and I am not concerned about when. I am alive more than ever and in gratitude and wonder how the world I experience is increasingly wonderful to live in.

It isn’t so much that I don’t care about the causes you’ve served as I see it as so outside of the co-creation of life. I have come from the victim mentality and all that brought me and into knowing my state of internal being co-creates to the extent any and all energies may be compliant with the inceptions of my higher intentions. There is no efforting involved in any way, just instant creation and gratitude for its abundance. No one has taught me this except maybe being miserable until I was ready to try anything else than the world I was so sure existed for me but I noticed not for some people at all. It can be elluded to, indicated about to direct someone’s attention but if they don’t want to see, don’t want to hear, don’t want to experience, they’ll continue to live toxic lives in a toxic reality.

I allow those who live where I used to the freedom to continue but I sure wish they’d open their shells just one iota to see outside the shell of a reality they create inwardly and thus outwardly. For me, I so want to inspire people to begin to leave behind all the ways we practice being small, inadequate, and helpless victims of realities that are lower manifestations I don’t see as being anything more than a holographic energetic reality that only is sustained by people giving energy to it. Otherwise it doesn’t exist at all! In and of itself…or themselves, holographic realities are sustained by those who serve them and don’t have energy, substance, or exist as part of oneness in and of themselves! Therefore we can excuse ourselves from them and go find that which has essence in and of itself and is individual expression of Oneness.

I so desperately want to give an inkling of being beyond holographic energetic constructs that are only there because we are the source, the creators and we will create, we cannot help but create, everything we believe and serve…at least having some energy form into holographic realities that are apparitions we reinforce our beliefs with. Still in and of themselves they won’t energetically hold form without creator gods we are, giving energy to their illusion of existing as fact.

What does it all mean? Whatever we’re willing to explore and awaken in us our knowing about. It is buried under all the rubble of eons of erroneous conclusions and beliefs that DO send energetic impulses to creating exactly what we think and believe is there. It is the wheel of life Guatam Buddha was talking about, not the cycle of life and death, but the cycle of believing, our innate creative nature thus creating the beliefs, and then experiencing what we believe and as the wheel returns to the beginning point, reinforcing more surely the belief. Each part of the wheel feeds the others…round and round it goes until we with our creative abilities start modifying it and quit giving it the energy to continue, thus the energy becoming available for new creation.


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