Removing the Toxic Influences in Our Lives




In The Gods Must Be Us, after Teuton is briefed by those who’ve been guiding him, and passes the test of allowing his inner guide to take him to safety, he begins his journey of transformation with Gaia. Gaia tells him, “You don’t have freedom, you have toxins. Toxins take away your freedom. We’ll make you more free tonight.”

There are several ways toxins are being carried around in our lives and take away our freedom:

Toxins in your physical body from our environment, what you eat, and chemicals you take in through your skin and breath.  Your cells and organs are polluted by these toxins. The proper healthy functioning of your body—mind is detrimentally effected.

Toxic relationships effect our inner body pharmacy keeping us in toxic thoughts and feelings that eat away at our cells as frustrations and resentment builds.

The same is true of your habitual toxic thoughts.

Harboring toxic emotions that often has become a toxic lifestyle becomes deeply ingrained.

Your cell membranes are intelligent. They receive signals from your intentions, your thoughts and beliefs about your life, as well as all the autonomic signals of the trillions of cells that make up your community working together as your body. Then they place orders to the inside of the cells to make an estimated 80,000 different chemical ways to adapt for survival or thriving in “the good life.” If the cells don’t have the right raw materials to work with, they cannot make the right chemical compounds to produce the right results. When toxins in the cells are added to what your cells have available for filling the orders, the cell membranes orders are haphazardly followed with results that aren’t what the doctor cell membranes ordered.

The cells excrete what they’ve made to circulate and effect other cells, who then try to adapt to the strange chemicals that are out of the range of what is expected and healthy. The entire community is doing a lot of unnecessary work trying to get good adaptions working not only from outside influences, but influences of other cells that cannot fill the prescriptions of the cell membranes. The result is lack of energy because so much energy is expended adapting to adaptions of adaptions etc. The cells are designed to energize as they work together. They need the toxins removed and the right raw materials to function.

The lymph system is designed to be the sewer system of the body. It is designed to bring toxic materials and waste to collection points in the body and send them out in urine, feces, and through the skin. It is a passive system that can only do its job with movement, the proper kinds of movement, with each part of the body. If the movement isn’t happening, the lymph system gets jammed up like traffic at rush hour. The condition of the body, for the cells, worsens.

Our cell membranes are responding to our thoughts and beliefs, as servants. Even if unhealthy, dysfunctional, and producing dis-ease, the cells will obey thoughts and beliefs.

There are two sources of influence on our cells and the energy we broadcast out into the world. The brain sends thought energy with every thought. The way it is noticed most is by the cells, yet we’re sending broadcasts into our environment that can be picked up by those with  well-tuned psychic reading sensors. Our thoughts are part of the make-up of universal consciousness.

The second source, according to research by Heart Math Institute, is our heart. It has an intelligence but no language. It broadcasts in a universal language we feel as the way it speaks to us. When we’re in love, dwelling in love, our hearts are sending out a signal 10,000 times stronger than the brain. Heart signals speak to cells with potent power. Cells without toxins and the proper raw materials give an astounding sense of “being in love” with the love radiance signals of the heart. It makes us alive, vital, and gives a magical sense of well-being. To “be in love” is the most sought-after and cherished state of being of our human experience. It needs purity of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, removal of the body’s wastes regularly; and the breath, movement, and sounds that enhance the love experience.

The dark side of what the heart broadcasts is when we are closed to love, have a lot of barriers to prevent the hurts of loss of love (or toxic love), and when our hearts are “shatter patted” or broken. The heartache of not knowing love or loss of love makes some infants die as “failure to thrive” or at later times of life, to die of a broken heart. Love is important for us to thrive. Our hearts are sending signals so powerful they permeate the universe. Those in the great fortune to be in love and dwell in that love with others, not only charge their own lives with the fountain of youth, they also add to the universal consciousness of the whole universe with broadcasts of love energy. The body always gets the signals first.

We have a natural state of being. At our very core, we have the wisdom, grace, and beauty of the love of the universe as our original state of being. When we get the toxins that have obscured our original and continual natures, we remember. We remind each other of what we know, and information with wisdom is our godly nature. It is a state of being referred to as enlightenment. It isn’t something to be earned or attained to, it is what is left when we remove all the toxins that prevent us from knowing ourselves as we really are.

I am a teacher, a coach, a writer, and I love to inspire people to find those moments of their brilliance. I am overjoyed that part of the good fortune of Marlaina coming into my life is that she brings her expertise in areas I talk about but lack what it takes to activate for people the ways Marlaina is expert in. Marlaina’s expertise with the right foods for who we are individually, her expertise in detoxification with varios means, and her expertise with movement and healthy thinking to both detoxify and add radiant joy to life, joined with my own expertises is producing a dynamic relationship both blessing our love experience, and alive with what we can do to create the best offerings we can create to benefit others.

Marlaina wrote an article published in the magazine Natural Awakenings titled “Internal Ecology & Detoxification.” It will be the next post. Don’t miss it!



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