Restoring Our Birthrights


Efforting, manifesting, and other words of action and effort can easily be misunderstood. We can become more neurotic, nervous, and add to our stress levels. On one hand the concept that we are able to do something to bring what we want is excellent to know. On the other hand it further activates the programming, conditioning, and inner resistance that has always kept us from naturally and effortlessly enjoying our birthrights.

Affirmations, intentions, vision boards, and the like will be met with what plays out like something or someone keeping us in our known and familiar homeostasis, the levels we’ve been living we used the tools to move beyond. It can easily be labeled with religious duality archetypes of devils and gods. “They” are the forces behind it!

We so misunderstand the change process.

  1. We want what is naturally our birthright, that which is available in Oneness of which we are an inseparable part.
  2. The division from oneness in which we believe we are separate, individual, and alone is an experiment we’ve been very diligent to try to get to work. It doesn’t work. It takes a lot of effort to maintain separation in resistance to our original and continual being inseparably One.
  3. Were we actually able to BE separate we would have caused Oneness to falter and no longer exist. The moment anything, anyone of Oneness could separate, One would not be.
  4. We are full of energies of separation. We aren’t separate but between us knowing clearly, remembering our Oneness is clouds of ideas, concepts, and experiences interpreted as evidence we are small, individual, and less than whole. Our wholeness is remembering and relaxing into what we are!
  5. There is no need to earn, to be worthy of, to accomplish what is naturally ours, what is our inherent Oneness birthright. There is nothing wrong with wanting what is our oneness state of being constantly.
  6. We’ve used our creative powers to form energy seen and unseen into form that holds the form of its creation. Therein is the problem. As individual expressions of Oneness we have the godly ability to create. Energy accommodates us and forms according to our beliefs. Then our beliefs have substance whether they are correct and in support of our original and continual state of being or something else! We have amassed every possible effort to separate from Oneness and have created substance with our creative abilities that actually seems we are separate. It appears we created it, we succeeded, and One is now less than 1.
  7. If we don’t maintain the vigil of beliefs and energetic recharging of our separation “stuff” it will begin to decay, to lose form, to degenerate back to energy that is available for new creation. What scientists are discovering is that there is a force making energy matter and solids, having form of liquid and gasses too that is doing the impossible. Energy in and of itself has enormous distances between manifestations and the manifestations themselves appear in research more with the will of the researcher than anything we can determine is innately there.
  8. We are the force. In Oneness we were before the “big bang” and our of our desire to expand we intended energy to do weird things so we could have a marvelous universe to explore and play out infinite possibilities. These possibilities include doing everything possible to divide One.
  9. If such an experiment were successful we could not return to our original state and this experiment may have no ending. Only by all aspects of Oneness returning to consciousness of Oneness, being and acting in Oneness, can we re-direct energy to accommodate us in something else. What might that something else be?
  10. Our position is weakened by individuation and strengthened as we remember our Oneness. In Oneness consciousness everything is available. Everything IS available because as some of One we are in touch with all that is One. That includes everything ever known through our expansive nature.
  11. Truth is an ongoing process that cannot be final. Being final would be impossible because constant expansion of all that is, of One, will always alter perceptions and dimensions of what is, what we call truth. Damnation and Hell are how we describe the possibility we might be unable to be expansive, to no longer keep developing, no longer keep being our creative nature as individual aspects of One.
  12. In moments we forget our separation we do the impossible. Miracles happen. Energy accommodates us to do what wasn’t known before, at least to us or our society.
  13. When we dissolve away all constructs of separation and don’t return to the separation ideas, we’re complete, whole, and in a state of freedom in Oneness.
  14. Freedom is being free of the limitations of separation, from being weakened so that we are not able to fully exercise all we are as One. Individual expressions of Oneness still exist and can continue exploring and playing out possibilities but with all the power, knowledge, and abilities of One we may also call God.

We’ve created energy into memory that clouds our ability to be ourselves, to be free, in our original and continual state of being. We hinder ourselves with this both individually and as social constructs. We have lifestyles of reminders and refreshing of the determination that freedom is found in separation. We’re miserable too! We’re limited, we’re small, we long for what we actually have as an inseparable essence of who we are such as love, expansion, creativity, and freedom. It isn’t true that we need to strive for them.

They aren’t out of our reach somewhere with conditions to get them. They are us. They are One. We are One. But we maintain the cloudiness, the fog, so we don’t realize correctly.

What can we do? Dismantle the constructs of separation in ourselves. It is possible. It is being done. The bandwagon is moving swiftly.

We have not to achieve anything we already are, but we have built an elaborate illusion we live in that can and is being dissipated to reveal what continues to be: our Oneness.

PRO-INCLUSION POLICY: We encourage LOVE in whatever form is most comfortable and expressive of each individual soul. In alignment with our vision of an accepting and loving planet, we do our best to hold a safe space for everyone, regardless of people’s age, abilities, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.