Reverse the story. The feather is a cover-up!


For future seminars I am going to find a source of black feathers. I prefer raven, crow will do, but probably will get dyed turkey feathers.

I’m going to reverse engineer the “Dumbo the Elephant” story that has always meant so much to me. The reason I’m going to do this is to make a point I just got last night.

I have been quite certain the Dumbo story is right. We don’t need rituals, incantations, potions, sacred objects, wands, crystals, dowsing tools, etc. to exercise our influence with energy. I’ve done amazing things without them! One of the most amazing is revealed in “The Gods Must Be Us” which is in publication process and will be available this fall through most every source you can get a book.

What I didn’t get until now is how convenient all these things are to distract people into thinking techniques are the magic, not who is using the techniques. It is not an easy thing to do, to put myself forward, to come out, as someone who sometimes practices something that gains cooperation of the forces of energy. I am so tempted to hide behind objects or procedures. Maybe that’s what has always been done! Maybe too it has been a way to keep the greedy, the selfish, the judgmental, the fearful, the curious, the power mongers, from being able to practice right away. If they happen to find out how to fly with a black feather, after awhile, take the feather away and let them face that it was them, not the feather, who could fly. By then enough transformation might take place to mitigate all their self-serving reasons for seeking to fly in the first place.

I wonder too just what it has been along the way of my own transformation that I could coach others through, so they can remember themselves as I am remembering myself. It isn’t about secrets, it is about remembering who we are! And we all are!

I want to teach others. I think it can be done. However I also realize they may want the carrot they’ll have to transform themselves to get, then after the transformation the motivation for getting the carrot won’t be the same. That is where the trick will be played on them.

Some of life’s most difficult stories to tell are the ones that are so much stranger than the norm. I want to keep them to myself. It hasn’t gone particularly well to tell them even to lovers and friends. I’ve watched both category of people distance themselves from me when accidentally they discovered extraordinary energies happening with me. I didn’t know I was exuding anything. Wanting to be accepted and loved, I tried really diligently to turn the dimmer switch of what I hadn’t really understood were my birthright abilities, to a very low and slow, nearly non-existent level. Twice I got almost identical reactions from girlfriends as we were touching…just touching…and in alarm they pulled away and screeched “Who the hell are you?” I couldn’t give an answer at all, let alone one that would keep them in my life.

Dumbing down doesn’t work. Einstein had something to say of that as he defined insanity.

So I’m going it alone here so I might come out and declare myself, not as gay or trans or bi, but to find my peeps, those who are on the verge of “leveling up” beyond the mundane into the joys of letting go of determination to be in separation. I always had abilities. I suspect others do too. I don’t have any coaches to emulate. In the end it was self-acceptance I needed, not objects and processes. Then when backed into a corner, so to speak, I knew I had to try what was unthinkable to me. You’ll learn about that corner in “The Gods Must Be Us.”

Perhaps I can coach others into finding their own corners so they give themselves permission to remember who they are and live from it…just enough!


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