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The Art of Believing



People who want to know truth investigate and question each possible conclusion that might be derived from investigation until they arrive at what they are satisfied might be possibilities of what truth may be. Going deeper and deeper into truth reveals subjectivity. When do we decide we are at the absolute “is”, The Truth?

One of the difficult things as a human being is to catch ourselves believing. To believe means we have settled for conclusions. We do it automatically, we do it based on being “informed” and we do it through process of exploration or education. To believe is to decide something as truth.

Can a belief be true? Can what we’ve decided be true and stand up to the test of all other possibilities?

Or is truth more a blend of possibilities?

Is wholeness embracing differing aspects of a matter and truth a fluid state rather than a static “way IT is?”

Truth seems to be as fluid as the energy the universe is made of and as different as observation points in which a matter is sampled.

It might be possible to spend a lifetime observing the different aspects of a manifestation of energy and yet not know energy as a static truth. It might be possible to study every aspect of a person to know “about” the person, yet not arrive at a static conclusion which would be the person.

So here’s what I experience: I see a world in which infinite information is available, especially now we have the internet, and I want to know, make a snap decision, and move on to the next thing. I find in doing that I buy into gossip, rumor, and quite blatantly jumping to conclusions with what I want to believe…and I observe I am not at all alone in doing this! I want to meet who doesn’t!

I also observe a lot of pain and suffering originating from believing.

Here’s an observation of believing. I am not claiming this is The Truth, but it may be true enough to consider investigating. Many energies are active all around us. There are millions of waves of energy in the ethers, radio stations, cell phones, wireless internet to start the list of possibilities. There is the Universal Consciousness and psychic signals operating between people. It is all there. We make machines to tune into specific signals to make our computer internet experience for example. We, on the other hand have a much bigger challenge to have any idea at all of all the influences effecting us. To develop skills of being in our True Power is to be as conscious as possible about the influences effecting us and make choices much as a radio receiver plays the precise choice of the frequency it is tuned into. Freedom is in the balance between influences blind-siding us and conscious choices from developing skills of filtering what we will and will not work with from influences.

If you’re thinking this is almost an impossible endeavor, I am too. But I am encouraged by how bit by bit I have been making progress.

One of my own challenges is to stop myself at the place where I take on belief. The first challenge is to see I am taking on belief because it serves me, because it is what I want to believe. However I might be served better by staying open and not believing what I so quickly bought into. This is especially true with “information” about other people. For my personal convenience I want to have a compartment of information about each and every person, put their name on the container, and be satisfied I know who they are. Do I investigate the information? Is it possible I take on outright lies or very tainted observations replete with the determination of someone else to observe, believe for themselves, and report to all who would listen about a person?

What of gossip? What of outright lies? What of innuendo? What does it do to waste what we do with our lives when we buy into believing information that is not even a real observation? If it has little to no base in observations that are as sincerely objective as possible, it is nothing. That is right, it is nothing. It won’t engage anything that is real because it has no essence. We do, however, put our energy into those bits of nothing as if they were real and when we expend energy where it doesn’t meet with what is real, we’ve simply wasted our life source. It keeps us from having energy to live in true power.

So an essential aspect of True Power is to be slow to consider what is real and what is not then make choices which engage with the highest level of real we can connect with. When we relate with real we energize in a real exchange of energy. When we give our energy to what is not real, someone else may be taking it under false pretense and what we get back, if anything at all, is a disharmonious depleting energy.

Belief is choice. Choice is also motivated by belief. When we intervene and scrutinize our beliefs, we begin to change our choices too. As we change our choices, we evaluate our beliefs giving more energy to those that are important to us and taking energy away from those that are not important.

The difference between being reactive and being responsive is the difference between beliefs operating automatically on their own accord and a quality of ourselves that might be called the Witness, or the Watcher, or the Higher Self making decisions with beliefs rather than beliefs making decisions.

Is truth possible? At this point in my exploration I am finding there is no absolute static unquestionable truth that cannot be seen differently. However in the whole all possibilities are available with their contributions to the whole. That is a fluid containerless soup that flows and swirls and splashes.

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