The New Normal or Return to Real Normal?


I remember when I’d advanced up from my beginnings to where I felt I had arrived at normal. Then as life flowed, I began to get messages about normal. The messages were pointing out that the “mean average” and all the other statistical jargon to determine where the bulk of people are we call normal isn’t what I hoped normal would be when I got there. In fact a lot of neurosis is accepted as normal and it is normal to live by programming and conditioning more as a reactor in unconsciousness than anything I’d learned possible.

So I thought about all the momentum I had going for me and decided to keep going as far as I could and go toward the seldom experienced of life where there weren’t words and concepts that spoke to the masses of normal at all. In fact before long on my continuing journey, there wouldn’t be vocabulary, but parables and metaphors just indicating, then fading into the silent language of mystery and mysticism.

I’ve been working on principles to teach, foundation and building blocks to give people a sense of what is possible that is mostly forbidden.

The first step is to get a concept, at least a skeletal idea of what is possible. It isn’t necessary to get the whole picture. It will fill in with practice and the experiences of success. It will evolve from being a construct of possibility to a well practiced competency just as riding a bicycle is.

Without sharing my whole process, I want to bring in the concept of a “new normal.” Every social group has a normal. There are many normals. Sociologists try to put them all in the soup and try to identify a normal that is a “one size fits all” that no one feels represents them. Since I live mostly in the USA, but have visited other countries including the other side of the planet, I see “normal” has no meaning at all, at least as we’re living now. One societies normal is another society’s aberration.

So the best you can do is let go of your personal normal and identify with a new one. I hope it is a self-determined “new normal” and not buying into a borrowed or imposed one. Perhaps it is accepting what about yourself you have identified as weird as compared with the possibly normal people you know.

But what if … what if there is an original normal in which we are all the most magnificent, most enlightened, most accomplished, most wise, etc. we see a rare few people exemplifying? I remember a revered guru stressing he was the only normal person in the room of say … 5 to 10 thousand people. That boggled my mind. Here sat the man we were all there because of who lived at a level we wanted to sit at the feet of. It was magical to be in his presence. His energy  activated something in us and we were high for hours to follow being in his presence. He was one of the best speakers ever known and spoke with uncanny knowing about every aspect of every subject. How could HE possibly be the only normal one in the auditorium?

It wasn’t apparent to me what he meant until recently. He was living normal. As he said it was we at his feet who were not normal, not for any other reason than we’d left the normal he’d returned to.

So he and other gurus through the ages refer to us returning to our original and therefore normal state of being. Those who do are in so many ways beyond us but … if they have only returned and are directing our attention to our return, aren’t they also indicating what and who we perceive them to be, will be and is, us, and therefore utterly normal?

So the ramifications: as we reconnect with our original godly qualities that once known weren’t ever able to be unknown, we are gods and that isn’t unusual or special. With all the powers and abilities in full expression in each of us, there is a normal that would look new because we’ve been gone from home a long time, but is it?

There is much being said about our states of being that are not the normal of each who have returned to Oneness as their state of being. Ironically there isn’t need to say much about the normal we already are, but are dumbed down to about our Oneness.

Consider this. For each person who drops all that dumbs them down to their normal, they are expression of all that is of Oneness, among which is infinite wisdom, infinite compassion, infinite love, and virtually, completely, all up to the moment that is of Oneness. There is no privilege or hierarchy that gives one aspect of Oneness more of Oneness than anyone else.  So gurus appear to be the most magnificent beings to our separation consciousness, yet they are us without the limitations of separation consciousness.

You think of having less if you let go of what you have. If you own a bowl to contain your food while you eat and you release it as your possession, how will you contain food for eating? If you release the ideas that define who you are who will you be?

What if you let go of all ideas of who you are, what you do or might do and let it be okay not to be anything at all? Will you have let go of anything or have cleared away the borders and boundaries that kept you from being able to be whatever serves best each moment? As you release the state of being you accessed of Oneness for those moments they served, and be whatever any moment is best served by, what need is there to own a label with its limitations about you? You know you are Oneness and all is available. Nothing needs to be defined and held in a package with boundaries and borders. It is utterly absurd to even think of.

That is an indication of our normal. Can you define a new normal that is more than the normal of being oneness with equal access to all of oneness, just the same as everything and everyone else of Oneness?

For the mystic, the enlightened ones, the ascended, even the words to indicate what they might be has division and separation in the meaning. They are all us and at the same time words we use to describe them describe nothing because they cannot describe all that is without implying there is something that is not all that is. Normal is such a word no matter how high the bar of normal is set, or how much bandwidth is put in a boundary and called normal, nor how much of what vibration or frequency is called normal for convenience of classification.

Few words indicate the infinite without also comparing with some state of being in which there is a NOT of what is being indicated. Perhaps if any one of us fully understood all the words of all the people of this planet, with their meanings stated or implied, there would yet be any word to describe who we are. Perhaps as each of us returns to consciousness of our origin we see how our words were of our separation consciousness and served to keep us asleep to our expansive Oneness.

The normal we seek is nothing at all. A word like normal has no relevance, nor does the word equality, for without what is outside of equality and without what is outside of normal, the words mean nothing and in that nothing we are everything, whole, complete, all, Oneness.

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