The Transitional Step


Healing takes place in an instant. There is a moment when something goes into motion. The motion may continue to accelerate and change direction or intensity, but without the decisive moment that first puts intention into motion, intention wastes away.

I have seen healing slowly take place. I have seen healing take place instantly. I have taken time to dowse something and there have been results. I have watched the results happen after I have initiated the instant of making the decision to do something, before I think of how to put it into words what I intend, so I can begin dowsing.

Okay, let me slow that down. When I recognize need to take action, know I can take action, and decide to take action, the power is unleashed. The change happens at that time even if I thought the solution was to do something that takes time.

In the times of old energy, healing took time.

Friday while working a pump dropped onto my foot. Yes it hurt like hell. When I got home, my foot had a goose egg like the bump that develops at a head injury. A big blood vessel looked broken and bruising was spreading. I sat in the reclining chair with ice on it and intended healing but not with any efforting energy. The next morning the area was bruised but smaller than other times. I am a bruiser. I get big bruises, really big ones! It wasn’t painful to walk on.

I did books for taxes…the entrepreneurs yearly torture ritual, and in the afternoon weeded around the yard, a wheelbarrow full, then moved a cord of wood from the patio down the hill where I stacked it on railroad ties for the summer’s storage. Our yard is over an acre so things are far apart here.

When I was finished with the wood, my socks had sawdust and weed seeds in them so I pulled them off. To my surprise there was no difference between my feet. Somewhere in less than 26 hours time the injury went through the complete healing cycle. That is what the new energy is about.

One of the keys is that effort delays. That is right. Old energy says we have to effort to make things happen. New energy says if we effort we get in the way.

Repeatedly I have seen healing work happen instantly. I’ve seen it happen slowly too. Both are miraculous by medical standards but they happen with regularity.

I wrote the first promised step in demystifying miracles and making them an everyday occurrence like they really should be, on the sister website for my book, on Friday’s blog. I’m still learning how to get things on all the social media sites.

For now I ask you to click on the links until I take time to get these social media sites working together.

Please share your healing experiences as comments, especially if you’re noticing they are accelerating like I notice.


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