Voice of the 8th Generation


A recent development of 2014 is Dr. Dennis channeling “The voice of the 8th Generation.”

The concept is that as we choose to stop something (like war) in our lives, by the 8th generation the energies associated with wars and the results no longer exist in people. Nothing that currently contributes to war or is of the loss and injury of war exists in the beings who are of the 8th generation and beyond.

This is information from the Pleiades, our parent planet, who themselves already returned to the Oneness state of being free of what still plagues us on earth. In the channeling it is hinted at what we are inevitably going to live, what being a Pleiadian (and other planets that preceded them) is like so we know where we are going.

We cannot be told because we cannot conceive until we unload the heavy energies we’ve amassed since we were seeded by our parent planet. It is the work of 7 generations that frees us and from the 8th generation we live in freedom…real freedom…and expansiveness without limitation.

Because we are part of Oneness, those who have gone before us to arrive at the state of being free of the heavy issues we carry in us energetically on this planet, the Oneness is influencing us in ways that pulls us toward where so many more “individual expressions of Oneness” already are. We are in minority of the population of the Universe and the evolution of the majority is drawing us free of where we’ve been all these generations.

This is exciting stuff and is life-changing in ways I wouldn’t have expected.

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