8G first encounter


The voice of the 8th generation:


I am the voice of the eight generation.

We meet in the love of all that is.

Your scriptures make reference to the mistakes of the parents affecting their progeny into following generations.

Let me explain this. I am going to use the example of war because it is the largest expression with the deepest impact in the lives of survivors to the seventh generation. The pain of the losses of lives and property in war create such deep suffering, impacting souls so intensely only denial helps survivors to carry on. The impacts of war are the beginning generation from which disturbance is expressed to the seventh generation.

If there were only one war and the disturbance in the generations that follow would gradually dissipate, after the seventh generation there would be no more effect of war. But it is not so simple. The energy of war with its pains and losses continues to be expressed in new violence and new wars through following generations generating new first generation energy to be answered in the following seven generations. Thus you have no idea that the disturbance of war could settle to true peace after the seventh generation.

There has been much talk about something special from a place close to the group of stars you have named the Pleiades. For convenience that special place as been called the Pleiades. The actual name is expressed in a way that is not included in your language so the Pleiades is a good reference for you to understand what I am talking about.

What happened in the Pleiades followed what happened at Arcturus and can follow here on earth. Like the hundredth monkey on another island getting the idea to do what 99 monkeys have learned on their island, Pleiadians began to understand and do what the Arcturians were doing. Quite simply on Arcturus the beings evolved to enough understanding to do the work of healing so war was no longer an expression of the fear and anger and pain of their collective consciousness. Healing continued through seven generations then the eighth generation was clear of any of the energies of war.

It is beyond your comprehension. You will not know the beauty of life from the eighth generation and beyond. On this planet you have so thoroughly explored the illusion of separation and alienation you have caught yourself in a repetitive pattern of a downward spiral deepening the pain, the grief, the loss, of what you never actually lost. It is impossible not to be in unity; in oneness. You have done an excellent job of doing all that is possible to shatter oneness into pieces of isolation, aloneness, grief, and to despair. You have carried the experiment further than was done on Arcturus or the Pleiades. The question arises whether you have gone far enough to make remembering our oneness possible. Yet as evidenced by the Pope of the Catholic Church in 2013, remembrance of our oneness is expanding exponentially.

There have been those who were open enough to be inspired with healing techniques previously unknown on this planet. Some have referred to the source of their inspiration as being downloaded to them like information is downloaded to an electronic device. This is both correct and not correct. It is not correct because your collective growth on earth has brought some people to the place they resonate with healing methods that have been practiced at Arcturus and the Pleiades. Because of their attunement the information could not be withheld from them and naturally flowed to them. Yet one individual cannot own what comes to them because in your unity there have always been other individuals advancing into the same attunement.

Your own growth returns you toward our original unity and whatever has been discovered and is practiced within our unity is available to whomever comes into resonance and attunes themselves with the information they receive you now call a download.

On the other side of this coin, we of the eighth generation and beyond have held intention for you to open to and be part of what has made our existence one of exploring the infinite possibilities of the expansion of love. So the influence has been circular. You have had no idea of the simple key of the concept “ask and you will receive.”

Are you finished with exploring how far you can possibly take your experiment to create a complete individuality? Have you exhausted yourselves with this impossibility? I know some of you believe every energy has its opposite intensity of expression. In a way you have been living the counterbalance opposite of what we have been living on the Pleiades and Arcturus. This is where returning to oneness will benefit all of us.

We practice diligence so the energy of opposites will no longer blindside us through unconscious moments. The new experiment we wish you to join us in is that there does not have to be expression of the energy that has been expressed on earth anywhere in the universe. That we conceive of this possibility means it is already so. On earth you say what you can conceive of and believe, you can achieve. It is closer to the truth that what you conceive is something that already exists resonating with you and as you bring your selves into alignment with what you conceive of, you merge into what already exists.

Collectively we have believed in polarity; in opposites. We have carried this experiment very far. While those of us on Arcturus and the Pleiades have been soaring into what is unimaginable on earth, you have been the place of our counterbalance. Now we realize this paradigm does not need to be given any further energy and together we can align in oneness playing out our expansive natures in ecstasy; expanding exponentially.

You will all eventually incarnate into the eighth generation. You might do this through incarnations into the second generation, then the third-generation, and so on whittling away at what needs to be healed for the attunement necessary to incarnate into the eighth generation.

The eighth generation is both a reality and a metaphor. It is a reality in that so far it has taken growth and healing through seven generations to heal all that was passed on from the first. That is how beings evolved in linear movement from one state of being to another. The same soul incarnated into generation one, healed and grew in that lifetime while at the same time parenting and grandparenting generations two and three, possibly even four then transitioning and being born into generation four or five. As you can see this growth has a leap frog progression.

The question arises whether everyone was able to participate. The answer is no. Some were not ready and open to live this experiment and had to go be with those they resonated with in a much slower evolution. Earth became home for those who resonate with the energies expressed in earth life. There is no judgment, there is no suggestion any of you are less than those of us who did the eighth generation experiment. You simply deepend a previous experiment to its frustration and exhaustion as your part of exploring those possibilities to enrich our wisdom in oneness.

A critical mass of you are now in harmony with the eighth generation evolution. We have proven the eighth generation experiment. We cannot tell you about where it takes us. We had to expand ourselves into its infinite possibilities.

Imagine the most ecstatic orgasmic experience you have ever had. The eighth generation is that experience continually expanded. Think of how out of control your most ecstatic orgasmic experience was. To go there again was to face fear of being that much out of control and trust the possibility of immense healing and clarity this experience gives you to expand your life into realms you could not previously conceive of. This experience is so beyond what can be described that when it happens the intensity both stirs up pain with fear and you crave to go there again.

Some of the healing work up through the seventh generation prepares to go into the ecstatic orgasmic expansion beginning in the eighth generation. It is necessary for you to continually be able to accept and trust the expansion of loving creation un-comprehensible to those who could not experience it.

Now you have the promise of what is available to you. Many of us have been among you for some time now watching your ways to get information for what we might do to intervene so you can join us in the eighth generation.

Think about it.

What would have happened if we appeared claiming we come from a group of planets on another solar systems and told you we live the life you pray for and have come to give you help to get there. Then we begin to challenge what needs to be changed about your ways of life. We are different and your pain and distrust is triggered by what is different. As much as some have wanted saviors to drop in, take control, and force revolutionary change, even they would be the leaders to crucify who actually did drop in, if their egos were bruised by needing to make radical changes also.

The nature of individuality and separation from oneness that has been taken to the outermost limits on planet Earth is exactly what will not tolerate anything less than change from within. And your history as a repeated story of different ways of rejecting and destroying those who might otherwise have led people into their inner freedom to expand.

This has been changing.

Partially this has been because many from Arcturus and the Pleiades has been incarnating here into new lifetimes. That method has often times been disappointing because eighth generation beings are not prepared for current and recent past earth life conditions.

Another wave of becoming part of earth life is to become what has been termed “walk ins.” That has had better results yet being different attracts resistance so those who have retained full consciousness of their mission on earth are held back from disclosing who they are and of necessity have to find those they can engage with to bring about change on earth. And that has been working.

The place you call critical mass has been surpassed. The way was prepared and the shift in the oneness energy of Earth is under way. Many forms of healing are in operation that address different needs entities hear have, and in ways they can accept and resonate with. There are no one-size-fits-all methods and in fact each of your lives are like an onion the size of a solar system. Healing techniques aid you for one layer or even several layers then do not produce results anymore. There are other healings for the next layers and so on. But please be aware you may come upon layers that will respond best to something you already know and can use.

Healing is not just about patching up wounds and curing diseases. There is so much more to be healed and each of you are both the healed and the healer. The healer is not separate from the healed nor is the healed separate from the healer. It is venturing into oneness that heals us. Separation only stirs what needs to be healed. Coming together and oneness heals that which was stirred.

As your popular performers Miten and Deva Premal Sing to audiences around the planet “all are innocent here.” You have bravely participated in an experiment to learn all that is possible from the idea of separation. You have played out well. You have suffered deeply. Still all are innocent and now is the time to shift into embarking upon the journey of seven generations without war or any of the other energies that impact generations to the seventh generation. The eighth generation has been realized and will be realized on earth. You, whatever your age, are the first of seven generations.

We continue in the love of all that is.

PRO-INCLUSION POLICY: We encourage LOVE in whatever form is most comfortable and expressive of each individual soul. In alignment with our vision of an accepting and loving planet, we do our best to hold a safe space for everyone, regardless of people’s age, abilities, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.