Communication and Personal Power 8G #2


I am the voice of the 8th generation.

We meet in the love of all that is.

Communication undergoes changes as we move from the first generation to the eighth generation. For this reason it becomes difficult to convey to you what you might envision or expect as you become one of the eighth generation. As you may have noticed, when it comes to information about experiences that are uncommon, often times there is more description by saying what is excluded or what it is not than what it is. Please forgive this. Our vocabularies are built upon individual experience as well as establishing understanding so groups of people will be able to communicate about the experiences they are sharing. That is why the beginning of something new is often times about establishing vocabulary so it can be taught and experienced from a language of common understanding.

From the eighth generation onward there are new levels of sensitivity where there was not activation of sensitivity before. The possibilities for communication which have been dormant slowly and naturally become activated until by the eighth generation communication happens in ways previously unknown.

To help illustrate that science has established that within the spectrums of light and sound human bodies are normally only able to perceive in a limited range of sight and sound. It has been established there is site and sound human senses do not succeed with getting the neurology to perceive, convey, process, and record in conscious memory. In other words eyes and ears have the energy of light and sound available to them but can only perceive within the limits of human capability. Until machines were developed to sense what human sensory organs cannot, it was not known there is so much you do not even know about because you have not been able to.

The beginning point for you to understand how human sensory abilities are awakened and expanded is to consider the sixth sense. You know there is something beyond the five very physical sensory states of human experience. You know for instance that if someone is blind they will develop their other senses to a much more refined level to get the information they need to navigate life without seeing.

As you progress through the seven generations you will gradually release the repeated use of your senses and your belief in the abilities of your senses and as you do you will be surprised as you sense what was not before happening for you. Communication is much more than words and sounds. You already use all of your senses when you communicate. So to begin to understand what is happening from the eighth generation onward just imagine your senses, especially your sixth sense, being expanded and activated in ways never before possible. Of course you cannot, but surmise what that might be like. However the result of this is communication happening in very authentic and deeply honest ways where sound is more an expression of art and creativity than a means of communication.

At times you have experiences where you just do something without an understandable reason that you knew. Imagine living in a society where continuously people just know and do not concern themselves with any possibility that life would ever be without knowing. For the eighth generation onward communication is a oneness experience where in any information available will be known before the inception of wanting to know is complete.

After surpassing the seventh generation, the fulfillment of our nature to continuously expand is the joy of new exploration and discovery to know or create what is beyond the collective known. Individuality is like being a representative of the collective whole on assignment to experience and create, to add to the richness of the collective whole. Actually that is what is going on now, what has always gone on, and what will continue. What is changing is the nature of experiences as we enrich the information of the collective whole we all are.

Therefore the state of being that starts with the eighth generation is already consciously the collective whole and at each moment you let go of yet another belief in your limitation, individuality, separation, isolation, and aloneness you will find yourself accessing what has already been discovered from societies that have journeyed to the eighth generation. The only factor that withholds all of this from you are a deeply conditioned and programmed beliefs in smallness and limitation.

Personal power from the eighth generation onward is radically different from the way power grabbing is played out on Earth currently. It might seem like losing the illusion of individuality may mean there is no personal power because personal power has been practiced as enhanced individuality. This comes from a deep sense of lack of power and trying to compensate for that deep sense of lack of power. The original power that is forsaken and seems to be lacking that the struggle for power comes from, changes by the eighth generation.

Returning to consciousness of the collective whole is to be in the ultimate power. There is no need to struggle for power when everyone is part of the ultimate power. There is no need to conceive of trying to take power from anyone else because you have all power possible and if you were to deprive anyone of power, less power would be possible for you. It is through the empowerment of all on an equal shared basis that the most possible power is an experienced reality. The gradual shift in the progression of the first seven generations opens the realization of power that continues to expand through cooperation as the collective whole. This also has a profound effect upon communication.

So this begins to give you concepts of where you are going that will shift with only seven transitioning generations.

Imagine your “being” as a garden who’s gardener has been absent long enough that the garden is not recognizable as a garden because of overgrowth and weeds. The beginning or first generation of seven is the return of the gardener. Your consciousness is the gardener. However the gardener discovers a new building and that new building has in it tools the gardener knows nothing about.

The voice of the eighth generation is coaching you as the gardener, with insights and instructions so you can effectively use tools to clear out what is hiding your beautiful garden.

By completion of the seventh generation, you will know your garden has no walls and extends to other beautiful gardens. You know your beautiful garden in the tapestry of universal wholeness.

Just as you will not work continuously on your garden but must take care of your needs so you can return to work refreshed, the voice of the eighth generation is doing the work of a whole project one work session at a time.

We continue in the love of all that is.

PRO-INCLUSION POLICY: We encourage LOVE in whatever form is most comfortable and expressive of each individual soul. In alignment with our vision of an accepting and loving planet, we do our best to hold a safe space for everyone, regardless of people’s age, abilities, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.