Expanding on 8G freedom 8G #6



I am the voice of the eighth generation.

We meet in the love of all that is.

The eighth generation is not about an event of shift. Let me give you more clues about it. I cannot tell you what you have no capacity for knowing. I can only give you hints and clues. The eighth generation is free. It is a freedom from and freedom to be. It is a freedom wherein the carry forward of past lifetimes, of DNA programming, of ancestral energies passed forward, of the vested interest conditioning and programming people, is finally gone.

The seven transformational generations are about practice. Practice brings about lasting transformation. It is not enough just to know about something. You must practice until you are free of “about” and in the freedom of “knowing.” When you know, there are no representatives, no middle man, no life coaches, no counselors or advisers, you are fully in your power knowing every bit as much as every other person knows. The transformation from “knowing about” to “knowing” is the shift to your true power.

In the beginning there is a lot of work to get on the right track. There is no fast food substitute for the seven transformational generations and the first of the seven transformational generations is about practice of beliefs that serve, that do not just serve one person, but serves one person better by consciousness of serving the whole.

So there are prerequisites for entering the state of being we are calling the first generation. The prerequisites are about becoming aware of beliefs that are not yours. For a time you will find yourself dropping even the so-called positive beliefs about yourself, the positive self-esteem beliefs about yourself, and beliefs that are considered attributes of divinity. This may sound strange to you but you have been programmed and conditioned deeply and the effects are with you from past lives, from previous generations, from the collective consciousness, and vested interests that have been self-serving by telling you who you are and what to believe.

It is wise, along the path, to set all of these things down and take a period of time to get a sense of yourself; not a sense that comes from who you are, but a sense of your being. Then as this sense of being grows, you are freed from your own sense of self to pick up all of the attributes that will serve you, or that you believe may serve you, of your own volition.

Take a moment and be with. You will be picking these things up of your own choice.

It has not been wasted for you to experience these things, but you must make the transition from them being implanted, imposed, conditioned, and passed on to you without your informed choice. When you set down what society has given you and you take a look at it; that you feel what it might be like to be free of it, and consider if this indeed fits, you may find yourself surprised what you choose and what you do not choose. You may find that even the most benevolent of characteristics may have a mask involved and you choose that which does not mask and pretend, and leave the masks for the theater.

Of course there will be laying down of beliefs that no longer serve, or I suggest, never did serve you. They may have served institutions and those who made a living from you believing certain things. The closest some of these beliefs may have ever come to being true is that they help you to understand what is not true. In that way they have served you but they are finished serving.

There have been rare individuals who had their freedom with their physical realm almost completely stripped of them and yet they found their freedom within. They found who they were enough to know the body could be restricted and there were other forms of freedom that people in bodies not restricted never know about.

What do you know of the freedom someone who is blind and deaf and dumb so you cannot find out anything about what is happening for them. Are they trapped in a body or do they find freedom from capabilities that are not developed for you?

I want you to know that those who have their freedoms restricted in one area will expand and experience in ways that cannot be understood by those who have the so-called normal physical capabilities. You pity them because you cannot conceive and they do not know that you do not have what they have. You can see that they do not have what you have but people with gifts often times do not understand those gifts are not developed in everyone else.

All of your senses and especially your energetic and sixth sense, the so-called spiritual abilities, can be developed and expanded beyond your wildest imagination. And you will do it. It is inevitable. And those who have come close have reported back to you that it is like being in a constant orgasm. Orgasm is far more than sexual experience. It is going over-the-top into a peek of experience. And orgasm is an apt word to describe it. However it is not orgasm as you know it now. Orgasm as you know it, you create the circumstances by which it may come, but it seems to of its own accord, in its own timing and is so intense that you have no ability to be anywhere but in the moment with it.

Many fear this. The constant orgasm that is hinted at by those who have entered the eighth generation or who are in the later stages of the seventh generation is a hint of how it consumes through choice and completely takes you away from what is not your present experience. The old is simply not possible. It cannot even be blended or brought forward to influence the experience from the seventh generation onward.

I want to name for you just a few of the freedoms and first of all I want to try to indicate for you what it is like for the eighth generation. The actions of those who are of the eighth generation onward have been arrived at from the practice of the seven transformational generations and freedom from the tyranny of beliefs that cannot serve.

Eighth generation people do not make their choices to try to have more power by taking power from anyone else.

The eighth generation people do not make their choices of greed for it would never occur to them that there was not plenty for everyone, nor that they would ever want some else to have less than they.

Choices are made because it feels good to enhance the collective whole, the universal, the oneness.

Whatever words you use (because words are not items of communication for 8th generation people) to describe what it is self-love, is love of all, because we are inseparably One, wholeness with different aspects of expression.

Just as many of us who are beyond the eighth generation come to this planet to engage you in such a way as to make it attractive to you to forsake that which has not been serving you and move toward a state of being that is ecstatic beyond your comprehension; we act in ways that make us feel good because we are part of the feel good of One, the whole, and whatever we contribute to the whole to make the whole feel ecstatically orgasmic and wonderful gives exactly that to ourselves.

We love ourselves through expansion in freedom. And as we participate in this we are no more or less part of wholeness, the One, than you.

You do have some self-imposed barriers. But that is a temporary situation.

There is a difference between acting to serve the wholeness, the Oneness and doing it because it is an imposed should or have to. There are no enforcers, indeed no need for laws or even government as you know for the eighth generation. I think you begin to understand why. It is not that there are not moments as you might say when people are challenged. It is how we deal with those moments that is another world different you cannot comprehend. Freedom and love and love and freedom are the power of existence of the universe of One.

To be free of the beliefs and the systems and the habits and perceptions of separation, of lack, of limitation gives freedom for expansion and the excitement to experience even more because even more is always there.

There is never a wall of limitation in the freedom of the eighth generation.

This is your inevitability.

Please allow this information to inspire you to look up from your current situation and know that there is more for you. Do not make a big deal of the information trumpeting and broadcasting it and screaming it from pulpits.

Joyfully do the work of freeing yourself from limitations so that the practice of the seven transformational generations will do the job of bringing you our freedom.

Your freedom is inevitable. The question is how long do you wish to continue lifetimes and suffering and pain and carrying forward of more and more baggage with your earthling lives? You have the choice. And help that you have been asking for is here. The help did not arrive as the myths said help would arrive for the myths are actually faulty. The myths were mere projections of a stronger Emperor whose power could not be refuted, forcing compliance so there would be peace and prosperity.

This is not choice; this is not freedom. This is enslavement. It does not work that way. It is through beginning the practice of freedom from what is inside you, from your earthling ego self, the capital SELF that you are becoming free of.

There is already a lot of information that is correct and needs to be given more energy and celebrated amongst you. We look forward to the day when the television newscasts are celebrating moments when people become free of yet another limitation. We look forward to the talk shows being the celebration of new understanding that is not even possible for you to conceive of right now. We look forward to when your media shares hints and methods that have brought about shift for others, the practices working. We look forward to when energy is shifted toward celebrating each and every freedom making it possible for the inspiration to be believed by those who might be struggling in their practice, to feel the strength to get the energies they might need to align themselves with the whole, toward freedom.

Are you beginning to understand the difference between generation -1 where you are now and beginning generation eight is that of being encumbered–to that of being free?

The freedom you have coveted, the freedom you have built nations to try to obtain for yourself, the freedom that has been spoken of to get you to give up your power; actual freedom and hopes of prosperity, have been pulling at you because it is your natural state of being.

I hear the questions and the questions condense to one thought. How do I get started?

There is not yet another key. There is not yet another something to be delivered that will do what nothing else is able to do, for in fact everything that you have thought might change you could only be tools for you to change yourself. But I do not like the idea of changing yourself. What is the point? What for?

The truth is: you free yourself. Now it has a purpose. Now you benefit because the freedom that has been a theme on this planet is the gift you give yourself. Governments and institutions and organizations and lifestyles and how to self-help books can support you. However they have never been able to take away your freedom to make you free. Do you understand that? No one can make you free because your beliefs in anything and everything less than freedom are your power of godliness and no other power can supersede that.

Through inflicting pain and suffering and limitation you have been influenced to believe you are not free. Indeed you have given away your power, very much your life force energy you give away, to those who benefit by your believing in smallness.

Yes there are energy thieves, yes there are those who exploit, yes there are those who entrap and enslave and long ago deeply ingrained in every bit of influence on your incarnation that you are not a divine creator, and you do not have choice except for how to comply, and you do not have capacity to know the freedom that exists in you. These things cannot be true because you are an inseparable part of the wholeness, One.

You might say someone has lied to you. There are even myths about the devil who goes about spreading lies because no one is sure who started the misinformation. So it is personified and given names. Divorce yourself from even needing to know how it started. If anyone knew, it would be personified as devil.

You have new information and it sounds true deep in your soul because you all are inseparably part of the wholeness and Oneness of your origin. Freedom is your inevitability because the Oneness is freedom.

We continue in the love of all that is.

PRO-INCLUSION POLICY: We encourage LOVE in whatever form is most comfortable and expressive of each individual soul. In alignment with our vision of an accepting and loving planet, we do our best to hold a safe space for everyone, regardless of people’s age, abilities, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.