Helping you to break the seal… 8G #4


I am the voice of the eighth generation.

We meet in the love of all that is.

As we tell you of the eighth generation and beyond we hope that glimpses that have been being shown to you in your dream states will activate so you may begin to feel emotion, energy motion of wanting this state of being so much you will alter your beliefs and activate new beliefs within you, to embark upon the journey of the seven transformative generations.

Emotion on Earth continues to operate at its slower frequency yet there is an abundance of loving concern and connection that exists but is not being given the energy it needs to expand the range of emotion such that the momentum will transform the frequency of emotion that activates troubled qualities of being you are accustomed to.

You have been learning to use electrically induced waves to carry sound and then pictures. You call this bandwidth. By tuning in to specific addresses on the bandwidth you can receive the information that has been electronically broadcast at that specific location on the bandwidth. This has been becoming more refined as you have been learning to create clearer signals and using less energy to do so.

Congratulations for speedy accomplishments of just over a century of Earth time. Do you realize those who have been working on these projects and other developments have been inspired by us sending you information in a carefully planned ways for your development?

Research and science appears to have been building one concept upon another but if you look closer at the developments there have been bursts of progress that have seemingly come from thinking outside of the box rather than building upon what is already the case. This is because of those among you who have aligned themselves to receive the next information which often times has caused previous information to be thought of as false or of little value.

However we have had to plan your education from primitive science toward a constant refinement that still will be taking you where you cannot conceive of yet. Is not that exciting! There is so much for you to yet discover and delight in having available to you!

The greater frontiers for you to explore and develop are within each and every one of you. This is well under way and in constant acceleration. Just as there has been information for your exterior development, so also has been inspired information to give you clues of how to enter your interiority with information and skills to take action and neutralize imprints and other forms stored energy that is adversely affecting you individually and collectively.

Many of you have been learning beautifully functional ways to deal with life situations yet when you need to access what you know, you are unable to operate from your highest knowledge. You seem to have default programs you drop into and operate from. Some researchers believe there is a biological explanation in the way different areas of the brain act with differing situations. While what they are finding has essence to it, it will be discovered that the baseline default programming was put there through intense experiences. To some extent your programming is passed from generation to generation or through your biology in the form of DNA, yet as co-creators of the universe all energy is responsive to your creative will at all times.

To help you understand. When you are triggered and go into what has been identified as fight, flight, or freeze syndrome the likelihood of you being able to deal with challenges present at those times from your higher understanding is very small. The problem is not that those parts of the brain contain only certain strategies for survival and that will take over and victimize your higher capacities, the problem is you do not spend much time and energy intentionally changing the programs these parts of your neurology have stored in them as strategies to use when you are under duress.

They were programmed, they are programmable, and you must do specific things to clear away the existing program and to institute programs of your choosing in your neurology that does its job so well, commandeering your resources for intense focus when in some ways your well-being is perceived as threatened. There are many techniques out there now to help you with the work of making the necessary changes so you will be able to make conscious choices in all situations including your basic survival instincts.

As you have learned new strategies for dealing with life situations, they have been stored in parts of your neurology that become disabled. The information did not get stored in the right places. Choice and control are a matter of training, to deeply imprint your neurology with what you want it to do, in even your most challenging of times.

Think of boot camp. Boot camp is intense training designed to put into each soldier strategies that will be activated even under the most trying of circumstances. In our everyday lives we learn strategies that we would prefer to use when dealing with situations the same as or similar to what you have been experiencing, so you can do it differently and get different outcomes.

So two things need to happen. First of all you need to take the energy out ofstrategies so they will no longer be the default strategies you use and secondly you need to be instilling, installing, imprinting, and conditioning yourself to think the way you want to think, to choose options in the way you want to choose options, and to take positive actions that increase operating with choices that serve your best possibilities creating new situations with new outcomes.

You are living your lives like the hillbilly who had holes in the roof of his cabin. When therewas no rain the holes in the roof gave ventilation and brought more sunshine into the cabin. When it was raining and the holes in the roof were a big problem because of the rain coming through the hillbilly was too busy trying to protect himself from the rain to even think about fixing the holes. So when the rain stopped and the hillbilly recovered from the difficulty he went through and the sun was shining to help dry out the house and ventilated he went outside looking for tools and materials to repair his roof but before he rounded everything up to patch the roof he got so busy with other things and he reasoned with himself that the cabin needed the ventilation in the sunshine to dry out because I got so wet and he would just wait for that to work before he would go up on the roof and deal with those leaks and he forgot all about the leak’s. Next time it rained the whole cycle happened all over again, again and again. You live your lives like this. You forget about cleaning up and intentionally programming your emergency response unit a.k.a. fight flight freeze and next time your emergency response unit is called upon it uses the same tools and techniques as before. You get the same results and you might even be just a little upset that things just keep happening the same old way and feel like you are victimized.

Your emergency response unit can use some updated techniques, some new tools, and modern supplies (plenty of them) plus expanded protocols to use with different situations. All too often on your Earth you use anger and hostility and attack and neutralizing strategies to deal with your perceived threats and enemies. It is the stuff of war, it is the stuff of domestic violence, it is the stuff of relationship dramas being played out this moment by the tens of millions of situations involving many more than tens of millions of earthlings.

Most of you have learned concepts and strategies for getting along with each other that seem nonexistent in the face of real threat. And what is it that gets played out? The defaults of your emergency coping systems. In fact you activate emergency coping systems to deal with nonemergency situations and the nonemergency situations quickly escalate.

You are not the victim of your own neurology going into default mode. You can establish a much greater repertoire of skills so the emergency system rarely needs to kick into operation and when it does kick into operation the defaults will be what you have ingrained into the emergency operating system.

The first of the seven transformational generations has, as it were, a seal that must be opened to step into and live the first transformational generation. Preliminary work must be done to neutralize the cycle of harsh emotion driving harmful strategies that in turn give energy to painful and harsh emotions. Emotions drives people to prepare for and engage in war and what happens in that process produces losses and harms that feeds the slower spectrum of emotion that is ready to be let into war as a solution to the depths of loss and injury that devastate from the war. You could take the word war and substitute domestic violence. You could take the word war and substitute greed. You could take the word war and substitute any form of taking energy and well-being away from someone else.

Techniques have been being delivered to Earth, many of them will do the same job. There are different strokes for different folks. Whatever your culture and personality and unique needs there are techniques and skills and strategies to empower you to stop the cycle of destructive and painful actions causing the slower vibration emotions.

What we ask of you is to take notice of all of the preparation that has been being done to help you break this seal so you can step into the life of the first transformational generation. This is self-empowerment. We did not expect you to get it all by yourself but we offer to you for your choosing. We do not impose upon you to take what little trembling power you have been living with away from you. The first transformative generation is the activation of true personal power, not the power grab and inequality of power as the only power you have known, but of power that assures equality of power and enough power for everyone.

Up until now you have primarily viewed the helping professions as being for those who are weak and in need; those who are sick and maladjusted; those who are unable to function and get what they need in life. What we have been reviewing in the past 20 years are the tools of transformation. These tools were not given for one description or class of people but for all of you so you can take the journey of the seven transformational generations and life on this planet can join in sameness with how life already is on many other planets most of which have no identity for you.

Your parent planets and grandparent planets and even great-grandparents planets have been given names and identified to you and their work with you is essential as you are their progeny. There is great celebration for you have gone through the critical place it was predicted would be your end of the world. These predictions were made from previous consciousness and energy that was transformed.

Now the prediction is quite assured the destiny of Earth is the same as its parent and grandparent planets. That you will arrive at the state of being that begins with the eighth generation is inevitable. It is with great joy and celebration that we give our influence to coach you and assist you to have and be eighth generation beings.

We continue in the love of all that is.

PRO-INCLUSION POLICY: We encourage LOVE in whatever form is most comfortable and expressive of each individual soul. In alignment with our vision of an accepting and loving planet, we do our best to hold a safe space for everyone, regardless of people’s age, abilities, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.