Into the First of Seven 8G #7


I am the voice of the eighth generation.

We meet in the love of all that is.

When you feel the desire for love in your heart and know that there is something more than you have experienced that you yearn for, it is because it already exists. You have yet to connect with it.

When Dennis was a child you might say there was anti-love in his life. Yet he yearned to be connected, to be loved, to feel love, because love has a powerful draw, and love exists beyond anything imaginable in Oneness.

The yearning is because of separation. And you long to be free of the separation. It is so all of the positive attributes not yet fully realized in your life. You long for them and you’ve longed to be able to live in their resonance steadily. And one of the greatest pains is to know something is available, and that something within you, prevents you, from the freedom of living in the attributes you desire.

I say it again the freedom you yearned for at the very core of your soul, is the freedom you give yourself, And because you are part of Oneness, what you have thought you were separate from already exists. You only need to free yourself of belief you are separate from what is already in existence; an inseparable part of you.

Have we talked about it enough that you begin to feel something welling up inside of you to get in motion and do? There is work to be done. There is doing. There are adjustments to be made. Imagine your life as a vehicle sitting on a launching pad pointed toward space it is a large vehicle and you have brought all of your baggage with you. It is too heavy to lift off of the launch pad and your choice is to somehow engineer a propulsion system that can burn enough fuel to take you with all of your baggage, which serves no purpose, and going anyway, or to lighten the load and re-engineer your space craft light and energy efficient so it can be easily launched on its journey. You may stand at the threshold of the first of the seven transformative generations but you cannot bring the baggage from the past that is not useful to you where you are going. It is a decision-making point.

You may not be accustomed to allowing yourself to know what you want and to choose it. The paradox is that what you choose for yourself, for your growth and benefit and freedom to expand eternally, is a choice for wholeness in Oneness. You need to know your yeses and your no’s because they are necessary for your journey. When you say yes to your journey it is given meaning because you can say no to that which will not fit your journey. Yes and no are required because if you eliminate one the other has no meaning. Your freedom depends upon you knowing what to say yes to, and saying it, and knowing what to say no to, and saying it also. You will be amazed how few of you are clear about what you want and feel totally, particularly to express it to anyone and everyone.

The miracle is it blesses everyone to hear you take your place and take care of yourself, because, that is your contribution to wholeness, to Oneness of which everyone else is part. And in your doing so, you strengthen other people to find the courage to know for themselves, and speak yes or no.

You may have hesitations and reasons to say no to opening the seal, your seal, to step into the first transformational generation. This is okay. You cannot step into the first transformational generation saying yes when part of you is saying maybe, or not yet, or no. You are encouraged to know for yourself as you open that seal that your yes is filled with determination and absence of anything less.

I said to you the seven transformative generations are about practice. This means you enter with determination of yes but that does not mean you enter having arrived at perfection first. That is what the seven transformational generations are for. Even as you enter the eighth generation you will not be in a state of perfection for that is only a myth. But you will be absent of what currently enslaves you.

How long is a generation? It appears as though it is a concept that is confusing. Your parents are considered a generation but their lives overlap with yours your children are considered a generation but your life and your parents lives overlap theirs, yet you are called three generations. A young woman who has a baby as soon as she is able to become pregnant has established her life as a very short generation from her parents to her child and someone else who does not have a baby until near the end of the clicking of the clock say at age 40 has established her generation as 40 years. But that is just one idea about what a generation is. So you see the term we are choosing to use is not saying anything about a definite time frame, but it does say something about steps of new beginning.

What you will practice in the first of the seven transformational generations is what you are familiar with, with new instructions. And these new instructions are what you choose to internalize for yourself. However you may look around you at others living the first generation with you and see they have made the same choices but may have different nuances and expressions. It would be a non-choice if the only choice was to choose exactly what others choose, and have no option for uniqueness. You were not sent, or better said you did not choose to expand away from the Oneness, as an aspect of Oneness with qualities of individuality to explore all the different possibilities, to be just like the other aspects of our Oneness. Oneness wanted to expand and explore and sending out individual expressions of Oneness as parts of the whole, expanded the possibilities infinitely. Together experiencing as One we wanted expansion, and we figured out how we could expand even more, and that is what we are.

We are by nature expansive and living whatever life you are living to expand. When you get stagnant or are prevented from expansion your life goes wonky in an effort to shake things up and find an opening where you can restore your expansion. Then you become your sanest.

An acquaintance once said that you are only as crazy as your secrets. While that has a strong element of truth to it let me say you are as crazy as that which keeps you from your expansion. When someone is at what you would say “the top of their game” they are flowing and expanding. In those moments their passions and their actions and their love and their thoughts are in cohesion and they are feeling whole. And in truth there is resonance and cohesiveness as well with love and freedom of our Oneness.

I keep talking about, and the key word is about, love and freedom as the glorious qualities of wholeness, of oneness, and infinite expansion. If there was ever a good use for the three letter word “why” the answer is expansion. You can throw some other words and their like learning, development, seeking, discovering, realizing, and so on but they define expansion.

It has also been said that you learn best from your trials, from your misery, from your pain, from your difficulty, and so forth. There are those who say that is the only way a human being learns and changes. Otherwise you stay stuck in complacency; stagnating and enslaved within and without. The idea is it takes things not working before you will make adjustments.

That is neglecting one enormous truth of our existence. There is a spectrum that the lowest and slowest of frequencies or vibrations whatever words you use are where your trials and tribulations, and darkness, and all kinds of stuff are believed to be. Then moving away from those things is a place where life is pretty good and you feel free because you feel free of the trials and tribulations of darkness and all that stuff.

Well freedom is relative. I did not say your relatives are free. Nor did I say that a relative will help you be free. But what is ignored is that there is freedom from the good life. Let us call it the best life, let us call it the extraordinary life, let us call it a stupendous life, let us see how many words we might come up with that give new divisions the other direction away from the trials and tribulations of darkness and small life stuff.

In fact beyond any of your words to describe something better than average; maybe average is only a vacation from the trials and tribulations pain and misery are; may be life no words have been coined to try to describe. Have you ever considered how much there might be to learn by expanding beyond your fears and hesitations?

The Dragon microphone went to sleep.

Channeling continued. By now I had been losing myself more and not watching what Dragon was up to. The channeling was lost.

I took it as an indicator it was time to buy the best version of Dragon Naturally Speaking which would allow me to make recordings, and Dragon would “listen” and transcribe my recordings any time later. Lark and I also got out our new video equipment, light boxes included, and microphone, so the sessions could be video with sound and an independent simultaneous sound recording.

Now there was no need for tending the Dragon. It was also possible to post audio recordings and/or video recordings on the Love Is The Healer website! However in the next series of channeling, late May—early June 2014, before we went to the Kryon Summerlight with events before and following, the videos were not in focus.

Remember I still was doing this without even Lark helping? I guessed wrong at camera focus. No one was sitting in the chair. I did them all without viewing the results. It was after doing a day videoing Peggy Phoenix Dubro and Dr. Bruce Lipton doing their day of “The Honeymoon Effect,” that for the first time I went into the files and reviewed the videos. I was adjusting the camera along the way with Peggy and Bruce so most of their presentations were clear.

8G channelings were all out of focus.

I have asked Lark to help me with future channelings, to actually be present AND operate the equipment. That’s a big step toward going public.

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