Story in evolution 8G #3



I am the voice of the 8th generation.

We meet in the love of all that is.

The question receiving the most energy from desire to know is: how does the seven generations of transformation happen?

The beginning starts with the inception of desire to know. It has already begun for you.

The most basic and pervasive quality we notice with earthling life is the use of story. You have been given some hints about communication of the eighth generation. One of the things that we want you to know is from the state of knowing, explanation with story hardly exists. Story exists for entertainment value but not so much is needed to express belief or to create belief.

Belief and story are stored in mythology of universal information which one might say is what is “known about” rather than what is known. Shared knowing is void of story. Shared “knowing about” is not of much consequence but is fun and entertaining to go into. We love story just as you love story.

Storytellers were highly revered throughout your history and the art of storytelling is now expanded through the power of media. An amazing amount of money is exchanged for the sake of stories. Advertisers support stories because they know people will be present for the stories. Your entertainment is highly valued and seems to take two basic forms. One of these forms is storytelling and the other is experiencing a happening like a sports competition from which stories can be created about what is witnessed. It is all in great fun and has the quality of captivating your attention giving you a break from the busyness of mind and trying to manage your lifestyle.

Whether it has been known or not, all of your information has been directly fed into the data of universal knowledge. What you might call discernment is developed through the seven transformative generations so that it is of no consequence whether data in universal knowledge is made up as story or experience in its unadulterated form. In and of itself the information just is.

Knowingness has the power and skills of discernment as its core property. It is developed through practice as an individual and is shared in our unity.

Your use of story is counterproductive. You believe the better a story can be told the more quality communication will happen. We observe that story is used to create and reinforce beliefs and conversely beliefs provide the material from which story is created. There is a basic assumption that the truth can be discovered or realized through beliefs and story.

There is a vast difference between the concept of “The Truth” and the existence of truth. Truth cannot be told, so creating truth from story or creating story from beliefs about what is truth cannot indicate much about truth. “The Truth” is like trying to pick out a pin point spot in the night sky and say that spot says everything about space. To try to say a story and its companion beliefs are ”The Truth” is as limited as claiming a pin point spot of the sky is the truth of all space.

Factuality is incomplete without differing perceptions and outright deceitful stories. Truth is given dimension through information about what is, what might be, and through discovery of what is not truth. Take away what is not truth and truth has no essence. All must be welcomed with an open mind and discerning heart for cohesiveness of truth to be discernment.

As it is the nature of the universe to constantly expand. And as it is our nature to constantly expand also, also truth is in constant expansion and will never be complete.

Knowingness is about what is appropriate each moment to serve intention. Right and wrong are both subjective and flow from moment to moment in degrees. What is right in one moment may be wrong for another moment and as such what seems to be the highest truth in one moment may not serve another moment and be perceived as far less than truth in that moment.

Discernment by nature requires the quality of being present to moment without attachment to trying to make a former moment repeat itself in the present moment. Therefore discernment is a continual refreshing to meet and make appropriate choices from all one can perceive of, being present in the moment, without being limited by beliefs of what can be and what cannot be.

The accumulation of learning from previous experience has value to discernment, but is not the conditioning and programming to rule over discernment. Another word to describe the qualities of discernment is consciousness.

We have decided to build upon your discernment and consciousness so you can dismantle stories or parts of stories that are counterproductive to the seven generations of transformation. We are not going to tell you to drop your story or tell you it is wrong to have story but we are going to give you information for your discernment regarding your stories. As you use this information you will alter old stories and exercise consciousness as you create new stories. This is part of the beginning of the seven generations to have alert, aware, conscious discernment about stories in your life.

We continue in the love of all that is.

PRO-INCLUSION POLICY: We encourage LOVE in whatever form is most comfortable and expressive of each individual soul. In alignment with our vision of an accepting and loving planet, we do our best to hold a safe space for everyone, regardless of people’s age, abilities, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.