You desire freedom because… 8G #5


I am the voice of the eighth generation.

We meet in the love of all that is.

You have sought freedom because you have a sense that freedom exists. However the very systems you participate in tells you, you have freedom because they know if you do not believe you have freedom you will take action against that which you perceive is preventing your freedom. So you are being told you have freedom while your slavery is deep and by those who have done well exercising pseudo power.

They are not free nor are you free as you dance together in a dependent relationship believing freedom is someone else’s. For many of you just to be told you are free is enough to satisfy you that it is as good as it gets. For those of you who do not wish to see with any accuracy your state of being for yourselves, it is enough to be told you are free so you can continue in your complacency.

It appears as though you are the lion that has a thorn in its paw. As the lion, you suffer with the thorn until it is removed and the place where it has been heals and then you are happy that you are free of the pain and difficulty you had with the thorn. You have forgotten that before the thorn you were free.

And so it is you believe that actions have been taken to save you from situations that restricted your freedom. However it has been rare on this planet that any army or system that supposedly struggled for your freedom actually disbanded leaving you with more safety and freedom. You do not want to see how through the fear they stirred in you about a problem they created for you to believe in called the enemy, was a ploy for you to give up your freedom to the cause. Once you have given up your freedom for the cause, you forgot the freedom you had before the cause. It was easy to continue living with less freedom after the cause was supposedly conquered. Rarely in the history of fighting has freedom been the result.

There is plenty of information about how your systems that on the surface seem to give you more freedom actually have been depriving you of freedom while cleverly selling you belief you are free. If you do not want to see it you will focus upon the glitter and high-tech glamour of the sales pitch while suppressing the painful reality of dependence on your chains and shackles. The clever know it is easier to defeat you by telling you what you want to believe in and telling you, you are not experiencing your defeat. Modern psychology has enabled the clever to go to war with you all the while convincing you they are your saviors.

Our intention is not to detail the gloomy picture of your present reality. You have been suffering in that reality not knowing what else you could be living. Our intention is to bring enough light about what else is available to you on the frontier, that you will become pioneers of your time leaving behind life as you have known it, to do what it takes to live as others who have pioneered before you live.

As the voice of the eighth generation we hope to touch upon what is still exists of your connection with your forefather planets. Who have led the way, benefitting Oneness of which you are inseparably part. It has been happening, each planet before you sought more of our oneness through individual exploration and enhanced our oneness through expansion of wholeness.

This planet has been seeded several times. Some of the seedings have ultimately failed to thrive. Two of the more interesting failures have been Atlantis and Lemuria. Others do not have notoriety at this time. Some pockets of seeding continued. Some societies arrived at the eighth generation and no longer exist on this planet. As a whole it was possible you would completely self-destruct. You were seeded again in a variety of ways, which were about information, and influence by infiltrating. This could happen because you developed far enough to include pockets of all remaining previous seedings as one planetary species. In other words your means of travel and communication created the bridges needed for it to be possible for the whole planet to make the shift through the eighth generation.

You have enough stories or movies playing out scenarios of being invaded by beings from space arriving with space ships and weaponry so hardly anyone would ever believe travelers from the stars could be any different that you have been.

In fact this mentality of change because of force and being ruled with power that could not be resisted has been most delicate to work through. If one of your mythical religious icons were to float down from space with armies of Angels to take over and force all of you into compliance for 1000 years of peace as per your mythology, peace and freedom would not be yours. True peace and true power come from the self-regulation in true freedom.

We became part of you by choosing to be incarnated as your children or grandchildren your great grandchildren. A few of us have “walked in” to existing lifetimes and quietly observed often as multi-entity body, as we learned from the inside and influenced gradually as one of you.

In reality we are one with you. We share origins of ancestry. You are simply a less experienced planetary Society and we have had more time to evolve and therefore are here to coach your evolution. There has been no take over. No one has been conquered. We are among you, and with you, and vessels for bringing what we have discovered for you to also discover. As you learn more about freedom as we have come to know it, you to will express your freedom through merging your essence, to plant energy seeds for others to grow.

No one is nor will ever be conquered and ruled to impose any compliance. We are free of this kind of social regulation.

Continuing to meet in the love of all that is.

PRO-INCLUSION POLICY: We encourage LOVE in whatever form is most comfortable and expressive of each individual soul. In alignment with our vision of an accepting and loving planet, we do our best to hold a safe space for everyone, regardless of people’s age, abilities, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.