Why “Love is the Healer” Part II: Love and Identity


I have found love is not to be understood for that would be of mind. My mind clearly distrusts my heart and the moments of coherence of the two have been long in coming. I still find I cannot intend coherence of heart and mind at will, but I can create space for it to come into center stage of my being and nurture the experience in stillness, in surrender, in giving up will to be in what is.

I have been declared to be a wizard. I ran and hid from that declaration for a good portion of a century. I realize the concept of wizard portrayed in stories and movies has a pseudo reality to it while just being entertaining and giving a bad rap to the concept of wizard. While I have been working with jettisoning all of the concepts of “who I am,” I have not wanted to own any labels at all, especially the label of wizard. Yet sometimes I observe myself stepping into being and operating from wizard being.

I possess a license to fly airplanes. Generally speaking the world says, “You are a pilot.” When I want to tell people about qualities to understand about me, it is fashionable to say “I am a pilot.” I prefer to say I am piloting an airplane when I am doing the things of piloting and when I am not; I endeavor to notice what other possibilities of living I am engaging in.

To take this a little deeper, I found it is true: He who loses everything gains everything. Let me expand this. As I have lost the labels and concepts I used to give definition of myself, I went into identity crisis and found myself desperate to take on new or even re-attach old labels and concepts so I would have identity. As I resisted this desperate urge to grab and hold onto descriptors of who I am, I found myself continuing and actually liking life and myself a whole lot better free of all that baggage.

Something new emerged.

I began to realize those labels were a set-up. In each moment, because of who I was thought to be, I had to pull from my identities how I was to predictably react to situations. It was all about which script and character I was to play and I slightly noticed other people didn’t play out their moment experiences that looked like mine too, in the way I was doing it, the way it was supposed to be done.

That gave me a new problem to find the solution to.

I began to notice that as moment evolved into familiar scenarios, I hesitated rather than automatically acting from my identities. In that hesitation, I realized I was free to respond. Responding was not the same as being automatic and reacting. Responding was about evaluating, seeing things free of pre-conceived notions, and noticing what possibilities might be there for choice.

Responding is about doing what I deem most appropriate each moment.

The qualities of wizardry increased and tempted me to say, “I AM a wizard,” but I also was learning each and every label in answer to who I am was a box, a limitation. Sure it might be special to be revered as a wizard, but there’s so much more available to me if I don’t own any limiters and practice being as conscious to moment as I could be.

I have already told you I can’t tell you what love is. Yet the question begs an answer. The best we can do is describe the effects of love. While there is a presence we use the word LOVE to describe, the nature and qualities of love are far beyond our abilities to comprehend. We are observers of love’s effects at our best.

By Dennis N Clegg, PhD

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Tomorrow … PART III: Love and Your Very Own Religion

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