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Why “Love is the Healer” Part III: Your Very Own Religion


I love the idea that each of us should have our own religion. If we drop the standardization of organized religion and really look at ourselves, we do have our own religious or spiritual life that we cannot declare as a static noun. It is ebbing and flowing, calm and stormy as the seas. Standardization of organization of these qualities takes us away from what is so obvious, but in its very truthfulness exposes the truth of our unpredictability. If we allow and practice everyone being in their own spiritual religious experience, we give up trying to fight to control people and make them predictable.

So what does spiritual religious experience have to do with love? Everything has to do with love. Even the pain and agony of lack of love is about love. We notice love has a quality of choice that isn’t ours. We may show up for the opportunity for love but whether it appears is not controllable.

Perhaps that is why we try to capture and standardize the spiritual, the religious, so we can control love. Something keeps drawing us into the mysteries. It is an intensity. It has honor and privilege. It defines with “us” and “them.” In organized religious practice, more predictably something gets activated we associate with having love. It happens individually too, but we’re tribal beings and like the tribe to validate us.

By Dennis N Clegg, PhD

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