Love affects the Weather

Why “Love is the Healer” Part IV: The Secret of Energy Healing


In my earlier experiences of doing simple weather control exercises, I was feeling so connected and in love with a beloved. I noticed when I gave my consciousness to that loving heart radiance, what I was doing with weather happened much more quickly. I had more influence with making a cloud disappear, for instance, or calming wind. I noticed when doing it from my head, the results were not so good. I was efforting a lot more.

Later I realized that doing healing work from that heart energy would be really profound while from my head…well that is fraught with self-doubt,  because the results are not so inclined to happen.

Hmmm. Heart radiance was the power. So I spent years struggling with the obvious. Where does heart presence take me?

I realize in heart presence I am in a choir I will call universal love. When I think of the declaration that “God is love,” I want to reverse the words to “Love is God.” So far in my explorations, love is the highest, love is the most powerful, and when it comes to intending healing “Love Is The Healer” and so much more. Even when we don’t intend healing, when we’re in harmony with universal love, we are not in a state of woundedness and dis-ease. That is why we are deeply motivated to get and contain love.

What is love? Why answer such a foolish question and give limitation to the unlimited, the unfathomable, the mysterious, the unknowable?

Why try to capture and hold that which is too big to be contained only to find in trying to hold we close away from us the greater portion of it?

I have been the vehicle of healing at times in life. I couldn’t reconcile myself with this happening and tried for decades to resolve the issue with my mind. It happened when I was ignorant and did no more than show-up trembling in inadequacy watching in amazement as healing was apparent. I studied and took schooling hoping to have a cover, a front, so there would be an explanation, something to attribute this amazing healing quality to. I got so muddled up with technique and rules of procedures, the healing wouldn’t participate. It was as a hollow shell. When I didn’t know what I was doing, it happened, and when I learned and held credentials of expert, I couldn’t even feel good about showing up in the act of healing.

That was really perplexing for me. Fortunately, a couple of friends I confided my dilemma to reminded me I had the gift before the education, to drop the education and go back to the gift.

Still I struggled. What was the power and source of the healing? I was sure it couldn’t be about labels and concepts of a limited being called me. The little me my identity was all about knew it wasn’t a healer, but healing still existed and I could stand in as a catalyst for it to happen. The most I could do is go into the now familiar heart energy, turn up the intensity as best I could, and stand in for healing to happen.

Then one morning while the world was still dark (just like this morning as I write), simplicity was there. I knew what I’d been searching for was there. LOVE is the healer. Not me. Not the little defined limited ideas of me, but the ever expansive energy of LOVE! It isn’t even techniques or special arrangements with beings on the other side to give special privileges for healing to come through. It couldn’t be owned. There is no privilege. There is no exclusive right to it. It is equally there for all to commune in.

It is our most highly sought after state of being. It heals us; it activates the godly of our being; it returns us to our state of wholeness.

Now you know why I have declared “LOVE IS THE HEALER.”

By Dennis N Clegg, PhD

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